Wishing a Happy Marry Charismas to jailer:

Happy Marry Christmas greeting to you; through words of encouragement.

You are wise man: I am truly great to know the unfairness of the world in human society. I feel sorry in the first place; by hearing that you were arrested by INA however I understood that there is more prominent reason for you from the above. I have no question to acknowledge you as a wise man if you created it by yourself after analyzing the political scenario of Indo-Naga polity. As a wise man, you are mission oriented soldier and your ideology will never die. On the other hand, we both are patriot, son of God and we are not gold seeker but rather we are savior of soul for future Naga generation. You have taught a decent lesson to every learned Naga that serving to the nation is the first obligations for every citizen on earth, which numerous fail to understand.   Furthermore, there is no more greater sacrifice we can make as you did to serve the country by taking risk of life, body and soul for the sake of motherland in the name of God by leaving all families, friends and your peaceful life.

I know righteous men: I know a few exemplary men among nation workers including you, I believe in them and in their oath however some on them are powerless when tasted by cash, wine, ladies and post, yet you are not and never will be! Always think positive and be strong, so that, we can see each issue as open doors for peace, unity and love. Set an example for righteous man and take care of each issue on your way in light of the fact that God will never give which you can’t hander yet you require wisdom to confront each test! Everything is possible in him.

Soul mate: We need not to stress over soul-mate on the grounds that everything there is time and let it go ahead on His time; who ever there will be always there for you, in view of the certainty of the fate and destiny, never at any point complain to His supper natural authority. On the other hand, we need not to forget to pray God that ‘takes me not my life before I finished the errand you have assigned for me’. Nobody can escape from his/her destiny. Remember God is their author of your destiny! God has reason for each one of us and no men can better substitute you to assume your role; He has an arrangement for you, a plan to prosper you yet not to harm you.

Law of God, law of nature and Law of men are at some point support to our adversaries in some situation; we have to know who our foes are and who our companion whom numerous Naga neglect to comprehend is. Thus every-time they are contending and advance perplexity in our general public. Let’s recall that slavery was legitimate, holocaust was lawful, colonialism has been lawful, the death penalty is lawful, yet those unlawful is legal in one point of time but it changes. . We will win the legal battle for assure; we may fail time and again but we will one day! Example:  Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela (Long Walk to Freedom)

Life in Jail: It is a decent affair for you to visit other world for right motivation. You have no questions and you think you know yourself all around well enough to realize that you are not afraid of a big challenge and in this moment it is really a major test. As a political prisoner you realize that you were charging like secessionist and waging war against Union of India which isn’t right in Naga rendition of version. I can see that you will be coming out right away in the mid of disordered Naga political trip. Furthermore, I hope people will see you as an ordain leader by God. You will turn out with more honed logic, strong mindset and better experienced. Then again, we need to remember that numerous authority has disregard the prisoner like you in the past however they never leave you for a reason and your foes will never treat as they did in past. Life is voyages, appreciate it and it is a test to taste our wellness for more prominent obligation. More prominent responsibility come greater challenge, we have to face it! My supplication to God is with you and we are behind you. God is with you.

Letter from outside wall: This letter is an evidence of the claim that I have concern for you and most importantly, it shows that you are not alone but there are other people living beyond the wall to help you in every possible ways. There is neither boundary nor wall when you can see the will of God. May God be with you always.


Thanks and Regards

Kharingyo Shimrah




There had has been a period where theologians, pastors, preachers and other religious leader give a message in the Christmas season yet today I will give them a message for some reasons. They should question their doctrine when it is dubious to the Holy Bible!

Religion increasing tumult in Tangkhul society: When I review, the Christianity come with western education and uplifting news of Christ to Tangkhul society. Yet, today, the purported religious doctrines bring disarray and separation the general public by their false doctrine and belief; beginning from village families to towns, and from Ukhrul Town to all major Indian cities. Question your doctrine before you convey the issue to society. We see a considerable measure of pastors preaching the word of God, mixing common thoughts into their doctrinal befuddled personalities. To preach the word of God takes another level of comprehension and intelligence, that which can just originate from God.

It is anything but difficult to remain before the believer and preach the word of God in church, however to lecture about God requires His present, would we say that we are missing the mark concerning such individuals? Spreading false doctrine is profoundly faulty; cases as under:

  1. Only theologian can preach in pulpit!
  2. Worshiping with other denomination or religion is wrong!
  3. Only Baptist will get salvation (Only Baptist will go to heaven)!
  4. Salvation can be known by all believers (assurance of salvation) forcing innocent people through emotionalized to accept Jesus!
  5. Every Sunday asking money for donation, mission fun, bible game fun! Fun!
  6. Appealing for tithes, thanks giving, rising salary by coding some bible verse!


  1. Stop spreading false doctrine! Teaching should be based on bible but not on your doctrine!
  2. Don’t impose your doctrine and belief on other but respect other belief through Bible.
  3. Please understand that salvation and final Judgment belong to God. Don’t try to solve political problem by your religion tools which fuel to the burning fire!
  4. Teaching love and forgive in the church but spreading hatred by dividing the society is practical should be avoided. Let’s reframe the brand name Tangkhul with love and helping other.
  5. Every believer can share the words of God and there is no restriction in Bible! Every believer can life as channel of blessing for other.
  6. Worshiping with other religion and denomination is encourage in Bible! If you miss out then read again and again! Live as a good example for other.
  7. All the born again believer of Christ will get salvation but it is totally wrong to preach that only Baptist will go to heaven! I wonder if there is another separate heaven for Baptist!
  8. Everyone has financial crises, so don’t ask money for every Sunday but let them give according to the ration of the blessing and earning! So we will respect you and your family.
  9. Religion is not above the society and the state but religion should function within its “belief and practices”. And they should not challenge the legitimate authority of the society.

As for me, I believe in God and I would rather listen to the Bible instead of listening to false doctrine which is not in bible. For any individual who considers the Bible important, will never set out to be an awful national, the Bible shows us to be accommodating, amongst numerous things, it likewise shows us to live in agreement with our kindred creatures and our environment.

Pastors, preachers, theologians are not God but they are human like us. So, adhere to the Bible and what’s composed on it. Any deviation from what’s composed in the Bible then that minister is a misrepresentation regardless of how the world sees those people. Bunches of “renown” pastors we have these days but we must be-careful the false doctrine. When u knows your Bible, those fakes won’t trick you.

No offence! Just sharing my thought


Note: Exclusively for some pastors and theologians who spread false doctrine in our Tangkhul society.



Kohima is a mirror of Nagaland, and it is selected in 100 smart cities project by NPF allies BJP ruling government in 2015. Smart Cities are apparently the new urban utopias of the 21st century. Coordinating urban and digital planning, shrewd urban communities are being advertised over the world as answer for the difficulties of urbanization and economical improvement. Utilizing the instance of Dholera, the first Indian Smart City, I analyze how Smart City Model of kohima keen urban communities can be provincialized in the local condition of Nagaland through neighborhood histories, governmental issues of laws, first I contend that Kohima smart city is a piece of a more drawn out lineage of idealistic urban arranging that rise as a reaction to the difficulties of improvement and advancement in post-autonomy India. Besides, Dholera highlights a movement toward “entrepreneurship urbanization” in a territorial state inspired by scaling up a “Gujarat Model of Development” for copying at the size of the country. At last, that in Dholera ” design of model” can be applied to Kohima in a relative term over its size of indication from the urbanization to nearby, where short ” bursts of speed ” in conceptualization and speculation is coordinated by critical “bottle necks” through neighborhood dissents. The article finish up how Nagaland capital city Kohima smart city will be incorporated with its idealistic imaginings which organizes urbanization as a green smart city demonstrate as supported to a model of social equity.
Existing Kohima cities are required to be upgrading in a phase manner; where new urban communities have the privilege to fuse savvy city vision at the theoretical phase of advancement. In this time of technological-science and innovation, we can explore in the moon, we are planning to live on the Mars and everybody has a craving to develop. At that point the central issue is, “in what manner would we be able to make it conceivable”? We require a dream, which must distinguish the potential risks and bottlenecks and their conceivable arrangements keeping in mind the end goal to prepare endeavors in focused manner. It is neither an expectation of what will really happen, nor basically lists of things to get of alluring however unattainable closures. It is a testimonial of what we accept is feasible for KOHIMA to accomplish, by completely mobilizing all the accessible assets like – human, innovative and common assets. Our successful systems ought to concentrate on completely using the man, material, innovative and common assets that we has – in the most rapid, proficient, organized and sustainable way. Each Nation or State, in this manner, needs a dream, which ought to mix the creative abilities and propels its kin to more noteworthy endeavors. The natives of NAGALIM ought to additionally share dreams of prosperous Nagaland, visions of winners, visions of leaders. Here, a dream is not only an open discourse, gathering continuing, venture report or an arrangement target – it is an articulation of the coveted finished results in more extensive terms.  Obviously, Nagaland Municipal Council (NMC) has been encountering the development, parallel to some different urban areas of India. The commitments of Nagaland to the World and India are as of now written in the golden book, due to which, today, we are referred to numerous as, “power House of Sports”, “Place that is known for Hornbill”, “Place where there is Dancing Deer”, “Place that is known for Shiroi Lily”, “Place where there is Juko Lily”, “Kohima is greenery sloping city”, “Place where Women are respected” shopping complex and shopping Malls, digitalize the promoting framework, free-wi-fi connection, multiple ring-road and base will keep up in world class, and so on. These will plainly incite our considerations that, “How smart is the Kohima Smart City (KSC) will be?”

To analyze the above statement, we need focused objectives on two examples:

Example 1; to identifies through recognition and apply proper mechanical headway and preservation standards for the improvement of the KSC urban infrastructures and sustenance food security and social security by protecting the civil right and natural environment. To pioneer in adding to another KSC, instead of to duplicate or tail others. We need to confer in disseminating indigenous knowledge and societies at nearby, national and universal levels. The methodology toward new city improvement is very diverse. Another city can be arranged as for data and correspondence innovation (KCT) in order to coordinate foundation part, similar to keen framework, green building, multimodal transport system etc, into their ground breaking strategy for smart city. To popularized our product everywhere throughout the world through enterprises, and to target better monetary performances of the KSC, the KSC ought to additionally have the objectives for sustenance security, manageable employments, poverty alleviation, quality educations, improvement of livelihood, increase in Human Development Index and occupations manifestations by moderating the negative effects on different components and by economically using the accessible resources.

Example 2: At another level, Dholera is not new city typology per se; rather an augmentation of a postcolonial modernization extend that was before vested in the advancement of ‘new towns’ (Kalia, 1990). As a smart city building start with no outside help, Dholera can be seen to develop the center of a neo-liberal state on worldwide urban communities, (for example, Mumbai), knowledge cities, (for example, Ambani City), technology cities, (for example, HITEC city), IT hubs, (for example, Bangalore), eco-cities, (for example, Lavasa) etc, to an all the more digitally drove city making initiative in recent years. Taking after Bunnell’s (2002: 267) perceptions in Malaysia’s Intelligent cities, the expansive ideological comprehension of strategy to acknowledge such points –liberalization and modernization with a specific end goal to finish in the worldwide economy. In any case, KSC will have numerous difficulties to attain the global-level smart cities. Some of them are: Competition – most likely Kohima City is supplemented by beautiful environment; still it has numerous developing difficulties from different elements, for example, entomb urban communities’ rivalries, relocations and migrations, natural debasements, squanders issues, absence of appropriate bases, contaminations, insurgency defection, vitality wastefulness and so forth. Wellbeing – absence of preventive, healing or palliative pharmaceutical or restorative offices to treat pandemic ailments.


In India, particularly kohima, has some political instability but Nagas are lucky for it has been listed among the building 100 new smart cities, later on with a specific end goal to goad monetary development and urbanization. When we study the Indian smart city; Dholera highlights a movement toward “entrepreneurship urbanization” but it is not the first city in India to be imagined at a great scale. Chandigarh, outlined by French designer Le Corbusier, was free India’s first state-driven substantial scale expert arranged city that denoted India’s course to innovation and improvement by making a break from custom and the social treacheries of a provincial past (Kalia, 1990). Likewise, Bhubaneshwar, outlined by the German planner Otto Koenigsberger in 1948, was additionally manufactured to make a break from the socio-religious clashes of the old capital of Cuttack and build up a common new capital for the local condition of Odisha (Kalia, 1997). The third ace arranged city, Gandhinagar, was implicit the 1960s to build up another capital for the provincial condition of Gujarat. In this situation, the uses of wastewater and biodegradable strong squanders have high potential for reuse in agribusiness; an open door for expanding sustenance and natural security, keeping away from direct contamination of waterways, channels and surface water, monitoring water and supplements, moderating grounds and scenes. In this way, lessening the requirement for concoction manure and discarding city strong squanders and wastewater in a minimal effort clean way.
In recent years, the ascent of gated groups, new towns, satellite urban areas and other spatial indications in the worldwide south has seen a whirlwind of speculating around ‘postcolonial urbanism’. Researchers have contended this reflects diverse moves towards a ‘Dubaisation of Africa’ (Choplin and Franck, 2010), “worlding” of urban communities (Roy and Ong, 2011) and ‘gathering urbanism’ (McFarlane, 2011) mong numerous others. Researchers have likewise contended this is to a great extent in a setting of a worldwide privatization of urban space’ (Hogan et al.., 2012: 59). At face esteem, Dholera appear to fit these contentions. Dholera is a piece of a movement being developed ideal models circling in the worldwide south (in china, Malaysia, Korea, brazil and other nation) toward new urban areas making in organization with the private division (Moser, 2010; Percival and Waley, 2012; Watson, 2014). In that capacity it reflect how innovation drove ‘idealistic envisioning’ (Bunnel and Das, 2010) have ended up vital to contemporary postcolonial urbanization in India. As a keen city, Kohima will depend only on an innovation method of urban government molded by corporate hobbies to control and screen it population.


L astly, Dholera likewise mirrors another smart city pattern in the vast scale removal (Sassen, 2014) of those that can’t fit into its shrewd city-based ‘cutting edge strand of formative utopianism’ (Bunnell, 2002: 267). In this way, the arrangements for development and development arrangement for KSC ought to be, to create abilities to take care of the testing demand for urban populaces, commercial ventures and environment. Enhancement of KSC into the rising regions, in accordance with the changing patterns of the World and the headway of the bases and advancements is required. There ought to be concentrate on the extension of KSC exercises with expansion in workforces and frameworks. NMC ought to likewise tap the potential Human Resources. Join the enhancements of the human ways of life, wellbeing, environment, and relief of the urban poor. All these can be accomplished through; change of work societies, foundations, advances, quality instructions and wellbeing offices.


Finally, understanding the KSC objectives ought not to be an end in itself, but instead a fundamental condition for permitting the soul of Kohima to develop and prosper. The new personalities and youthful Naga’s have monstrous possibilities and thoughts inside of them – that we simply require a push. It is a joint obligation of every one of us present today in Nagaland, furthermore for the future eras who will lead tomorrow, to proceed with the pace of improvements quickly to satisfy the dreams of our Kohima Smart City.


Everywhere throughout the world, urban and peri-urban horticulture is adding to vocation opportunities and pay eras of families, working as people and sorted out as miniaturized scale and little endeavor administrators, cooperatives and financial specialists. It has additionally turned into a territory of speculation opportunity. Makers can fulfill their nourishment need and supply the business sector with farming items primarily grains, crops, vegetables, poultry, milk, domesticated animals, organic products, nectar, tree crops and so forth.


Why the BJP won in two constituencies of Manipur?

BJP win two assembly seat in Manipur: Notwithstanding the generally known actuality that the Manipur BJP has been becoming gradually and consistently in numbers subsequent to the last Lok Sabha races, ebb and flow results in get together by-election that speak to the winning both seats that went to the analyzes that is Thangmeiband at the heart of Imphal city and Thongju has got numerous vote by conveying a strong signer to Congress. We the concern citizen trust that if this pattern proceeds with then the Chief Minister chair is set for a BJP triumph in the get together decisions due in Manipur election on 2017. What is prone to happen throughout the following year before the 2017 races is the defection of Congress pioneers to the BJP, as it has happened in Assam. We feel that there is a political reason behind why the congress has lost the by-election in two constituencies to BJP in Manipur.

The party is known by its leader: The BJP and congress has many new dynamic young educated faces lining up in the leadership position for 2017 election. The party leaders are the voice of party; he/she should be work under the law of the land by accepting that they are ready to do good thing for the welfare of the people. Whereas, the Congress completely fails to understand these philosophy by accepting backdoor appointment and promoting corruption in every level in the entire government department in Manipur. There is none in congress; the leaders like Col. Nasser in Egypt, Nkrumah in Ghana, Patrice Lumumba, in Congo, Abdul Rahman in Malaysia, Sihanouk in Cambodia and PM Modiji in BJP are some good example of the charismatic personality based leadership.  There are many educated youngsters who have heart and mind for social change were contesting election in BJP and many were supporting to them because we think they deserve one chance in Manipur. We have had enough experienced in congress rule that electing right candidates in wrong party; this time, we will not repeat the same mistake.

Let us recall the Manipur politics: Since the first CM of the state in 1963, Manipur has seen severe political instability resulting in the President’s Rule being imposed on ten different occasions. After Mr. Rishang Keishing (INC), 1981-­88, no other political party or leader has given the state political stability. Starting from March 4, 1988 to March 6, 2002, the state had witnessed three President’s Rule tenures and six Chief Ministers. Okram Ibobi Singh has ruled for third term but his congress party completely fails the Manipur state in many ways but we should fix the broken part by giving chance to BJP.  I recall how my families support to congress; my late grandpa was illiterate when the election campaign comes to our village, he just shows his hand as a symbol of supporting to the congress. However, the congress has fade all his colors and become the most corrupted and insurgencies accomplice for power in the state.

On the other hand, when we recollect the Indian politics system; there is one party dominant system in the post independence era with Indian National Congress rising to pre-eminent, as the pre-dominant political party both in the centre and the state government level, since the congress party spearheaded the freedom struggle in India. It was the most influential among the masses. In the periods between 1975-1977 emergency was imposed by the congress government and consequently it lost the election to the Janata Party in the period 1977-79.  In 1980, the congress party once again regained power at the centre. So was the case in 1984. However since 1999 onward the era of ‘one party dominance’ could be said to be ended.  The implications of true multi-party system were evident in India. Since 1989, one party has been unable to form secure either an absolute or even a working majority in any of the election that follow until 2014 election, where the BJP got absolute majority in the centre. Until the BJP rules in the center, the era of coalition politics has been continuing after the congress lost the political balance, complete with attended feature of uncertainty and short-lived coalition government exist under UPA. The reign of the BPJ start in the centre and by knowing it, the people of Manipur vote for BJP in two constituencies and it will be the best matching if the BJP won in Manipur 2017 election, because unlike congress the BJP will make the Imphal city as smart city with full employment and reducing corruption rate in the state.

Meitei and Tribal crisis: In a state like Manipur which has ethnic dispute between the Nagas, tribals and the Meiteis, many people believe that Gaikhangam, the president of the INC, is a tool of Ibobi to maintain peace between the two ethnic groups. However, Congress government was wrong in their politics while dealing with Meitei and Tribal. And Mr. Gaikhangam, has fail to work for peace between the Nagas and the Meiteis under congress rule in Manipur, for it is believed by many people, including me. Thereby, the entire tribal will never vote for congress in the upcoming election. BJP in centre and state BJP are ready to solve the crisis between Meitei and tribal without effecting the right and interest of both the parties through peaceful coexistence, which I really appreciated.


Regional party: Some of the regional parties in India are; Naga People Frond (NPF)in Manipur and Nagaland, The Manipur People Front in Manipur, Assom Gana Parishad (Assam), Mizo National Front (Mizoram), Sikkim Sangram Parishad (Sikkim), National Conference (Jammu & Kashmir), the Telugu Desam Party (Andra Pradesh), the Dravida Munnetra Khazagam (DMK) and the Tamil Mannila Congress in Tamil Nadu, Akhil Dal in Panjub, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha in Jharkhand, Shive Sena in Maharastra in  additional to a host of other regional parties. All these regional parties merge with mostly to Congress and BJP in Indian politics. However, BJP are the opposition party in Delhi and Bihar but all the regional party alliances with BJP will get benefited for some reason in the current political scenario.

In conclusion, the absolute enjoyment of power and absence of any real and healthy pressure group made the congress party corrupt beyond the measure and ultimately it lost its legitimacy. It is the time the citizen of Manipur including young and old to give a chance to BJP in Manipur. Be prepared to welcome the new government in Manipur; people of Manipur has been sending out a strong message to congress that the BJP reign is welcoming in the state by knowing the victories in two constituency of Manipur. I am not the affiliated to any political parties but just a concern citizen of India.