Naga Nation

My Countrymen, my Naga citizenry!

We cry for freedom; we struggle for Naga nation

You should be united yet where is your stand?

Naga have issue! Who can address it? Indeed, even you can’t.

Why are you attempting to murder the Naga’s spirit for sovereign country?

Also, for what end?

Why are you corrupting the mind of the youth, for the sake of development?

Some powerful leader will be born with various capacities;

Progressing Indo-Naga political negotiation need your participation.

Old torch bearers of Naga history is leaving us one after another;

A few Nagas are extremely occupied for contributing dividing us in the public eye.

Everytime and wherever they are marking that he/she is from southern, Eastern, Western or real Naga/katcha Naga,

Each time he wants his name on the top of Naga history with no services.

They are killing the spirit of patriotism and persuading us to be more Indianised.

They work day and night to stoppage the peace and perpetual solution for Nagas;

Naga National is the long craving desire of each Naga yet not for them.

Money is their god and power is blood; where equity and right have no value.

I will rather recommend them to work for peace and solidarity

Let’s give a chance to peace and cultivate oneness in each heart of Naga

Solidarity among Naga family is my dream!

Quit working for Indian as self-agent to wreck your own Country.

Curse is the men who betray Naga Country.

We should over-come one day! A Naga Country!

‘Naga is a nation’ in our heart!


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