Wishing a Happy Marry Charismas to jailer:

Happy Marry Christmas greeting to you; through words of encouragement.

You are wise man: I am truly great to know the unfairness of the world in human society. I feel sorry in the first place; by hearing that you were arrested by INA however I understood that there is more prominent reason for you from the above. I have no question to acknowledge you as a wise man if you created it by yourself after analyzing the political scenario of Indo-Naga polity. As a wise man, you are mission oriented soldier and your ideology will never die. On the other hand, we both are patriot, son of God and we are not gold seeker but rather we are savior of soul for future Naga generation. You have taught a decent lesson to every learned Naga that serving to the nation is the first obligations for every citizen on earth, which numerous fail to understand.   Furthermore, there is no more greater sacrifice we can make as you did to serve the country by taking risk of life, body and soul for the sake of motherland in the name of God by leaving all families, friends and your peaceful life.

I know righteous men: I know a few exemplary men among nation workers including you, I believe in them and in their oath however some on them are powerless when tasted by cash, wine, ladies and post, yet you are not and never will be! Always think positive and be strong, so that, we can see each issue as open doors for peace, unity and love. Set an example for righteous man and take care of each issue on your way in light of the fact that God will never give which you can’t hander yet you require wisdom to confront each test! Everything is possible in him.

Soul mate: We need not to stress over soul-mate on the grounds that everything there is time and let it go ahead on His time; who ever there will be always there for you, in view of the certainty of the fate and destiny, never at any point complain to His supper natural authority. On the other hand, we need not to forget to pray God that ‘takes me not my life before I finished the errand you have assigned for me’. Nobody can escape from his/her destiny. Remember God is their author of your destiny! God has reason for each one of us and no men can better substitute you to assume your role; He has an arrangement for you, a plan to prosper you yet not to harm you.

Law of God, law of nature and Law of men are at some point support to our adversaries in some situation; we have to know who our foes are and who our companion whom numerous Naga neglect to comprehend is. Thus every-time they are contending and advance perplexity in our general public. Let’s recall that slavery was legitimate, holocaust was lawful, colonialism has been lawful, the death penalty is lawful, yet those unlawful is legal in one point of time but it changes. . We will win the legal battle for assure; we may fail time and again but we will one day! Example:  Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela (Long Walk to Freedom)

Life in Jail: It is a decent affair for you to visit other world for right motivation. You have no questions and you think you know yourself all around well enough to realize that you are not afraid of a big challenge and in this moment it is really a major test. As a political prisoner you realize that you were charging like secessionist and waging war against Union of India which isn’t right in Naga rendition of version. I can see that you will be coming out right away in the mid of disordered Naga political trip. Furthermore, I hope people will see you as an ordain leader by God. You will turn out with more honed logic, strong mindset and better experienced. Then again, we need to remember that numerous authority has disregard the prisoner like you in the past however they never leave you for a reason and your foes will never treat as they did in past. Life is voyages, appreciate it and it is a test to taste our wellness for more prominent obligation. More prominent responsibility come greater challenge, we have to face it! My supplication to God is with you and we are behind you. God is with you.

Letter from outside wall: This letter is an evidence of the claim that I have concern for you and most importantly, it shows that you are not alone but there are other people living beyond the wall to help you in every possible ways. There is neither boundary nor wall when you can see the will of God. May God be with you always.


Thanks and Regards

Kharingyo Shimrah



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