There had has been a period where theologians, pastors, preachers and other religious leader give a message in the Christmas season yet today I will give them a message for some reasons. They should question their doctrine when it is dubious to the Holy Bible!

Religion increasing tumult in Tangkhul society: When I review, the Christianity come with western education and uplifting news of Christ to Tangkhul society. Yet, today, the purported religious doctrines bring disarray and separation the general public by their false doctrine and belief; beginning from village families to towns, and from Ukhrul Town to all major Indian cities. Question your doctrine before you convey the issue to society. We see a considerable measure of pastors preaching the word of God, mixing common thoughts into their doctrinal befuddled personalities. To preach the word of God takes another level of comprehension and intelligence, that which can just originate from God.

It is anything but difficult to remain before the believer and preach the word of God in church, however to lecture about God requires His present, would we say that we are missing the mark concerning such individuals? Spreading false doctrine is profoundly faulty; cases as under:

  1. Only theologian can preach in pulpit!
  2. Worshiping with other denomination or religion is wrong!
  3. Only Baptist will get salvation (Only Baptist will go to heaven)!
  4. Salvation can be known by all believers (assurance of salvation) forcing innocent people through emotionalized to accept Jesus!
  5. Every Sunday asking money for donation, mission fun, bible game fun! Fun!
  6. Appealing for tithes, thanks giving, rising salary by coding some bible verse!


  1. Stop spreading false doctrine! Teaching should be based on bible but not on your doctrine!
  2. Don’t impose your doctrine and belief on other but respect other belief through Bible.
  3. Please understand that salvation and final Judgment belong to God. Don’t try to solve political problem by your religion tools which fuel to the burning fire!
  4. Teaching love and forgive in the church but spreading hatred by dividing the society is practical should be avoided. Let’s reframe the brand name Tangkhul with love and helping other.
  5. Every believer can share the words of God and there is no restriction in Bible! Every believer can life as channel of blessing for other.
  6. Worshiping with other religion and denomination is encourage in Bible! If you miss out then read again and again! Live as a good example for other.
  7. All the born again believer of Christ will get salvation but it is totally wrong to preach that only Baptist will go to heaven! I wonder if there is another separate heaven for Baptist!
  8. Everyone has financial crises, so don’t ask money for every Sunday but let them give according to the ration of the blessing and earning! So we will respect you and your family.
  9. Religion is not above the society and the state but religion should function within its “belief and practices”. And they should not challenge the legitimate authority of the society.

As for me, I believe in God and I would rather listen to the Bible instead of listening to false doctrine which is not in bible. For any individual who considers the Bible important, will never set out to be an awful national, the Bible shows us to be accommodating, amongst numerous things, it likewise shows us to live in agreement with our kindred creatures and our environment.

Pastors, preachers, theologians are not God but they are human like us. So, adhere to the Bible and what’s composed on it. Any deviation from what’s composed in the Bible then that minister is a misrepresentation regardless of how the world sees those people. Bunches of “renown” pastors we have these days but we must be-careful the false doctrine. When u knows your Bible, those fakes won’t trick you.

No offence! Just sharing my thought


Note: Exclusively for some pastors and theologians who spread false doctrine in our Tangkhul society.



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