Indian Democracy was govern by Dynasty:

Indian democracy was govern based systems administered by dynasty, the pioneer is the prime pledge drive with control over the gathering machine and sees to it that the main individuals stay partitioned. South Asia shows a distinctive case of the sinister outcomes of dynastic standard.

AS far back as in 1776, Tom Paine wrote in his classicCommon Sense this stinging evaluate of innate progression. It applies with all the more noteworthy power to the nations of South Asia, especially to India: “Government by rulers was initially brought into the world by the rapscallions, from whom the offspring of Israel duplicated the custom. It was the most prosperous innovation the fallen angel ever determined to foot for the advancement of pagan worship. The barbarians paid heavenly respects to their expired lords, and the Christian world has enhanced the arrangement by doing likewise to their living ones. How reprobate is the title of holy grandness connected to worm, who amidst his quality is disintegrating into dust!

“To the abhorrence of government we have included that of inherited progression; and as the first is a debasement and diminishing of ourselves, so the second, asserted as an issue of right, is an affront and inconvenience on children. For all men being initially measures up to, nobody by birth could have a privilege to set up his own particular family in interminable inclination to all others for ever, and however himself may merit some not too bad level of distinctions of his peers, yet his relatives may be awfully unworthy to acquire them. One of the most grounded regular evidences of the habit of genetic right in rulers is that Nature objects it, else she would not all that as often as possible transform it into derision, by giving humanity an ass for a lion” (accentuation here in the first).

The dynastic rule is still in vogue in the 21st century however its outcomes have demonstrated unfortunate. What is called Gen Next is a self evident disappointment—Omar Abdullah, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi. Nor must one overlook the provincial figures—Devi Lal’s child Om Prakash Chautala; M. Karunanidhi’s posterity M.K. Stalin and M.K. Alagiri; and a few others. Accept in 2014 election the Narandra Modi led BJP govt change the India politic for one stage.




I wish you upbeat birthday!


I search for words oblivious night,


Quietly portraying a word for V-day.


The favorable state of the climate,


Early morning I saw your Facebook’s page loaded with wish.


Like the piano player plays a reprise for unique day.


Theiya Ragui was conceived on tenth March this day,


27 year back, throughout the day to wish you cheerful birthday.


To review, in the middle of development, no acclaim yet


The old women looked for uproariously holding a favored infant on her hand.


Cheerfully shout, we got a young lady! That memory stay until the end of time.


That day was the happiest minute for the families;


This day was the most imperative and happiest for me.


I want to sing a tune before I read the books in library.


I’m your spare me, goodness God! Said I. before I cherished the birthday young lady.


Express gratitude toward Lord, to make my life commendable in her relationship.


On your birthday, I need to make a guarantee,


Need to be a part of any festival of your life.


I cherish you, and you’re my perfect partner, dependably we’ll make the most of our voyage.


I need to let you know, amid extreme a great time,


I will never give up; I express it, in my internal most core of my heart.


Your birthday is extremely uncommon to me, I wish to appreciate with you, and


I wish you achievement and an extremely glad birthday to you.

Life in An open book

An open book seen in front of mirror at evening;

Interacting to the wise souls through imagining.

Searching for knowledge in the open world;

And send the massage of light to the world.

They bring the gift to society from beyond;

The gift of peace are very hard to find.


The open bag has expensive wisdom and guide to destiny.

The energies required to reach starry places of the mountainy;

Every human had experienced hardship in our journey of life;

You are born on earth and can be die in another planetary life.

You can find out the gift hidden from human;

We’ll admit the perfect plan of God as a human.


You are one of the most beautiful things I ever seen;

I wish to stay with you in the flowery Garden of Eden.

Brisa’s hopes wither away like a winter wheat in her open book;

The choice of life is yours, fine the rosewater in the brook.

Most tourist love Shilui lily and your season of marriage.

You will cherish our memories, but it has been cartage.







Heart and mind for social change


I have a heart and mind for social change.

I’ve seen the emerging youths with talent in our society.

Life in politicized society, force us do persuade the life we really don’t want

We need to change, to make a better society.


Like the seasons of the sun, the world is changing.

You are not too late to set a new dreams for change,

Make love to your people and love your work by accepting the law of your land.


Human wants are unlimited which is why we are very unique.

Your action and participation is very much counted in the realms of society.

One best work done can change a many folded task to a right direction.

I have a dream for social change, that dream is for all and to make a better world.

Do you’ve a heart and mind for social change?

-Kharingyo Shimrah






Ram wui reikasang

Leikashiya Ramnaobing, Pehhi Tangkhul Ngaleili apam mathameithui kachi kala ngalei tumlak khahai ramna khachihi ithum saikorana theiya. Ram hili khathem thangkhamei, kashang, makathuk, naoshinao kala khararnao khachungkha pandalei; matha lak kahai apam hi ithumna mathameida semkhuilui paiya. Iram wui khavat lei salala na e zangda kathakda mashung khuisi khala kachi wui apongli teo mei kha ena azingli  chithei mili;


  • Tara katang; tara katang hi “Hydronic society” da ngava laga iram wui tara katang hi ashina solution khuira mi paiya kala drinkable water exportla sakhavai sasa. Hiwui member bing chi eram water supply department li kazang bing, ramwui kathem, kashang, kala ramwui tara katangli solution khuikharali interest khuikhangaiya bingla zangmiser ranu.
  • Knowledge Centre; ramhili knowledge Centre da khangava pharada shitsanga. Hili kankhana khachungkha leiya, naoshinao bingli okathuiwui knowledge like (computer, coaching, counselling, general knowledge, personality, art and culture etc.) tamkhami mang machila iram wui thotchan kala yearly bookla publish sapaiya. Hi village councilna initiative khuilaga run samiranu.
  • Public convenience and dustbin; Ramhi kum khachida village development fund da Government of India na miserra; chili sanitation,toilet,cleanliness maintenance(dustbin,sewage) funds and schemela zanga, cheina iramli teomeithuida 5 shakhava khalei phaira. Laga village hi tharmatheng lak eina hai ngasak ngaiya.
  • River bank or irrigation programme; iram wui kong bing chi athumwui zat khangai ngaili zatserda lei, chi mamashung mana. Kong hili shongfa samiki khachina laga ithumwui ningkachang athishurda shichin kikachina.
  • Cultivation; iramnao katonga na maa lui vaserdalei, hi mikatongana mavaluila 2/3li vangasak haosa, athumbingna machine eina pailak eina vahaoranu. Katei bing chiva ot katei like, business & trade, farming, government service, entrepreneurship, sahaosa Kala New technologyli adaptive mathameida sangasak haingaiya.
  • Equal Right for all in Peh village; Peh kha hili pamda khalei kashang kathem, makathuk kala shinao mayarnao zingkum 18/20 kakahai saikorali ngarai khacha mashun china ngak miser ranu.
  • Village council and religious Institution; dharma eina politics kaho hi mangarum pai mana kachi hi iram kha wui vang va mashungda leiya. Iram wui vareshi member bing hila khawui member pam-pamma, chi eina politics chi zakashi mang chili politics kaho maning mana. leikashi ramanobing kha khamatha semsa chikha politics einala semkapaiya kala naongara wui mirinli la chingri haingasak paiya. Dharma hiva chingri kahai kala leikashi apongli ithumwui huikhame Jesuna tammiya kala village council hila ram hili chingri eina mungkhavai wuivangna chiakha iramhi khiwuivang eina hiyak kha rot marat khahai doh? I na ramnao saokorali leishi serra, kala Iram kaho hina iwuivang mathameithuiya.
  • Student are the PEH’s future; leikashiya katamnao bing, ithum mathada tamkhuisersa. Nawui talent kala interests wui athisurda tamlu, laga vashung ser khavai seiha kasa eina ngasoda matha lak eina hotna sersa. Ithumhi shimkhurwui, ramwui, yurwui kala okathuiwui khamataiya lanna.
  • Khanuithot bingna katam kasha kala ningkachang binghi ramnao saikorana seiha kasa eina katom miser khavai rilak eina kapona. ningshinara.

My dear brothers and sisters of Peh Nao,


Today, I want to discuss choosing our life partner; my first question is, how will we choose the right partner in our life? No doubt! Firstly, we need to seek the council of God and seek the advice from elders. Apart from it, the question always remains on us that who will be our life partner?

In the present political scenario of our Peh society, I find that we hardly talk about ‘love and marriage’ among youth and parent.  Why our parent or elders who got married before we were never discussing on this topic in the public platform? Are they feel ashamed or feeling awkward or is it not interested and useful topic in our society. I think, it will be useful for our society and we need to be more liberal and open up in such a way that we can handle it in the friendlier manner regarding on dealing with this issue.  We need a good mother for functioning good families, we need good families for better clans, we need a strong plan for the smart village, we need a civilized village for strong tribes and we need developed tribes for a great nation. And in a great nation, we will is a good life!


  1. let’s seek the council of God and from elders when it comes to the life partner
  2. Let’s set our first priority for life partner among our village
  3. Let’s try our best to stop migrating out our educated and good women from our village to another village for the life partner.
  4. Let’s try to marry women from outside only if she is very good for you.


Note: There is nothing worse than meeting the right person at the wrong time and you realized the meeting of a wrong person in the right time! Be careful and we need to be more careful.

No offence


My life is a song

Life is a song; I sing many songs in different tunes. My life is a story and as a song; my song has been written by God, which I have been singing with great joys. Love to sing the story of my life and  love to sing for a sweetheart. Here it goes “you are the most beautiful thing I ever was seen, and the easiest thing I ever was done is, to fall in love with you. Sometimes I was angry with her, but I know that love isn’t always easy, we fight, we make mistakes, and we walk out and then decide to come back to each other. When it comes to everlasting love, there is no limit to say. What we would do for one another; to protect, to provide, and to pretend. It is absolutely hard to stay together to fall apart, but it’s worth every second together. When we love, make sure it’s the kind of love that’s unconditional on both ends. No matter what happens or ‘comes what may’ in this world, the love we have for one another will be the kind that will last a lifetime. I don’t know why there is an everlasting love flowing in my heart. I love you and always will. Every ancient hero has a story to tell and a song to sing. I love to sing the life story from my heart, and music is my life. Thereby, life is a song for me. When the star gives a light; sing with me a sweet song in the salient night. We will sing with the angel when the time come.”

The song of the life is very sweet, I will sing a hard part in a low tune, let the people sing their own part of the song. And everyone will sing together with their life-partners side by side in the sweetest tune. However, people will sing my song and some will listen to my music as a sign of remembrances.

-Kharingyo Shimrah