You are beautiful like a goddess

If I could write a poem; I would write it just for you.

Your beauties grow each day in a moonlit water pond.

Every time together with you remained the goddess which I never saw.

You give a light and strength in my university life with blink of memories

No girls will be more beautiful than your sweetest smile for tough men

I meet many beautiful girls in my life but no one is like you when compared

I miss you coz I will never be with you again

I went to many Church to asked grace from god.

Guru advice us to ask anything we like to god in holy temple

I ask her hand for marriage but I am late and can never be compromised lover 14541321626881451720930393under ethic

I fall in love with a goddess, who is the fashion of the universe in our lifetime,

How can be so sure that you’re in right relationship; when I fall in love with you

My faith was seal in the beginning

Give them the light, give them the soul

Those days are beautiful day and I shall never see you again

Every moment we spent together become memory but I will go back where I belong

People look at you without really seeing you, they simply see our race

God will give a new song for victory and you will sing with angels.

You are my true living angel! oh dear Angelin

I find no boundary on Earth but I see everyone as equal.

May you young forever and may your beauty shine forever