My life is a song

Life is a song; I sing many songs in different tunes. My life is a story and as a song; my song has been written by God, which I have been singing with great joys. Love to sing the story of my life and  love to sing for a sweetheart. Here it goes “you are the most beautiful thing I ever was seen, and the easiest thing I ever was done is, to fall in love with you. Sometimes I was angry with her, but I know that love isn’t always easy, we fight, we make mistakes, and we walk out and then decide to come back to each other. When it comes to everlasting love, there is no limit to say. What we would do for one another; to protect, to provide, and to pretend. It is absolutely hard to stay together to fall apart, but it’s worth every second together. When we love, make sure it’s the kind of love that’s unconditional on both ends. No matter what happens or ‘comes what may’ in this world, the love we have for one another will be the kind that will last a lifetime. I don’t know why there is an everlasting love flowing in my heart. I love you and always will. Every ancient hero has a story to tell and a song to sing. I love to sing the life story from my heart, and music is my life. Thereby, life is a song for me. When the star gives a light; sing with me a sweet song in the salient night. We will sing with the angel when the time come.”

The song of the life is very sweet, I will sing a hard part in a low tune, let the people sing their own part of the song. And everyone will sing together with their life-partners side by side in the sweetest tune. However, people will sing my song and some will listen to my music as a sign of remembrances.

-Kharingyo Shimrah



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