My dear brothers and sisters of Peh Nao,


Today, I want to discuss choosing our life partner; my first question is, how will we choose the right partner in our life? No doubt! Firstly, we need to seek the council of God and seek the advice from elders. Apart from it, the question always remains on us that who will be our life partner?

In the present political scenario of our Peh society, I find that we hardly talk about ‘love and marriage’ among youth and parent.  Why our parent or elders who got married before we were never discussing on this topic in the public platform? Are they feel ashamed or feeling awkward or is it not interested and useful topic in our society. I think, it will be useful for our society and we need to be more liberal and open up in such a way that we can handle it in the friendlier manner regarding on dealing with this issue.  We need a good mother for functioning good families, we need good families for better clans, we need a strong plan for the smart village, we need a civilized village for strong tribes and we need developed tribes for a great nation. And in a great nation, we will is a good life!


  1. let’s seek the council of God and from elders when it comes to the life partner
  2. Let’s set our first priority for life partner among our village
  3. Let’s try our best to stop migrating out our educated and good women from our village to another village for the life partner.
  4. Let’s try to marry women from outside only if she is very good for you.


Note: There is nothing worse than meeting the right person at the wrong time and you realized the meeting of a wrong person in the right time! Be careful and we need to be more careful.

No offence



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