Life in An open book

An open book seen in front of mirror at evening;

Interacting to the wise souls through imagining.

Searching for knowledge in the open world;

And send the massage of light to the world.

They bring the gift to society from beyond;

The gift of peace are very hard to find.


The open bag has expensive wisdom and guide to destiny.

The energies required to reach starry places of the mountainy;

Every human had experienced hardship in our journey of life;

You are born on earth and can be die in another planetary life.

You can find out the gift hidden from human;

We’ll admit the perfect plan of God as a human.


You are one of the most beautiful things I ever seen;

I wish to stay with you in the flowery Garden of Eden.

Brisa’s hopes wither away like a winter wheat in her open book;

The choice of life is yours, fine the rosewater in the brook.

Most tourist love Shilui lily and your season of marriage.

You will cherish our memories, but it has been cartage.








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