District of Manipur

Districts of Manipur (2015)
There are 9 district in Manipur; there are four district in inner Manipur and 5 district in outer Manipur. Whereas the Meitei occupy the inner-Manipur with 45 sq/km that is 10% of total Manipur land and they constitute 60% of state population. The Nagas own 90% of land in Manipur and Nagas with other tribe constitute 40% of state population. Kuki and other tribal are refugees trying in Naga homeland for a long time; now they are claiming the ownership of the land they are settling but they Nagas have a right to decide on this matter. Hopfully, the Tangkhul might grand some portion of land to Kuki in the day to come through matual understanding between the communities.
Ukhrul District: Ukhrul is the homeland of Tangkhul Naga
Manipur one of the seven states in north­east India has a total area of 22,327 square kilometers. The state is
located between latitude 23°83′ N and 25°68’N, and longitude 93°E and 94°E. It is bordered by Assam in the
west, by Nagaland in the north, and by Mizoram in the south. Manipur shares an international boundary with
Myanmar in the east.
The state is divided into nine districts, each with a district headquarters. Imphal is the capital of the state. Other
important towns are Churachanpur, Thoubal, and Bishnupur.
Manipur is predominantly hilly, with nine­tenth of the land in the state having a mountain terrain. The state also
has some plain area. The plains lie in a valley, surrounded by hills, in the center of the state. The hill­terrain is
higher in the north of the state, gradually diminishing towards the south of the state.
The districts which lie in the valley are Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal and Bishnupur. These districts have a
small area, but are very populous. Bishnupur district has a large population of migrants from Bihar and Orissa,
apart from the ethnic tribal Meities of Manipur. The population density of the district is 341 per square kilometer.
The famous Keibul Lamjo national Park falls in the district. Large areas of Manipur are under forests, especially
in the north and the south. Senapati district in the north has forest cover of 80%. Other districts with a large forest
cover are Ukhrul and Chandel.
3/20/2015 Districts of Manipur
Roads are a lifeline of the state as there is no rail link. The road network is most developed in the Thoubal
district, with 35 kilometers of national highways and 60 kilometers of district roads. National highway 39 runs
through Thoubal district connecting the state with Nagaland and the rest of the country. National Highway 53
connects Silchar in Assam with Imphal in Manipur, and ends at Tamenlong district. The sole airport in the state is
at Imphal.
List of Districts in Manipur
No. District District HQ Po(p2u0l1a1ti)on Growth RSaetxio Literacy (Akrme2a) D(/eknms2it)y
1 Bishnupur Bishnupur
2 Chandel Chandel
3 Churachandpur Churachandpur
4 Imphal East Porompat
5 Imphal West Lamphelpat
6 Senapati Senapati
7 Tamenglong Tamenglong
8 Thoubal Thoubal
9 Ukhrul Ukhrul



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