Every Human has their own life span:

Every human will enjoy the beauty of life based on the validity of their life-span they have left; but while living on earth, they have a choice to make. If they’re born in poor families then it is not their mistake but if they die as poor men then there is their mistake or misfortune. However, in natural-law, it’s not compulsory that everybody should die in their choice; whether they want to die as poor men or rich men is not up-to them. The law of the nature should be understood properly; if you want to live a happy life, because the natural law is directly interrelated to good life. Sing out your life as a song in a tune of natural law; human desire are unlimited, If you want something extra then you should invest something in any form towards it; because if we do something for it then there will be changes in any form and it will get back to you. I said this by knowing the fact that nothing is permanent on this earth; the old men may leave to this world but new child will born in this world, and this circle will continue until the end of the world.

-Kharingyo shimrah


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