The beginning of the end of congress rule in Assam.

 Why should we give a chance to Congress; when we have an experience of voting to the right candidates in the wrong party?


Assam is the gateway of Northeast development and the get assembly elections will start on 4 April. The state will witness two-stage voting with the second period of voting occurring on 11 April. The votes will be relied on 19 May. The residency of officeholder Congress government, headed by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, is going to end in June 2016; be that as it may, the majority party will form a legislature in Assam and it is thoroughly individual’s decision in equitable Nation.

The Congress party has fizzled the Assam state however they are still quick to maintain its prevalence in the state yet the BJP has more grounded wave in the state; looks resolved to expel the Congress. One of the best samples is; more than 3,000 hopefuls have looked for BJP tickets for the forthcoming elections in the state. The notoriety of the BJP party develops every day except then again; there are likewise other regional parties like AASU and AGP in the challenge which the Congress and BJP can’t bear to disregard. In all actuality, the state’s demographic example is diverse to the point that it is a major test for a solitary gathering to claim backing of each segment of the Assamese populace.
The popularities of the BJP is expanding and they are effectively advancing its vicinity in the state. Sarbananda Sonowal, the union minister of sports and youth affairs, likewise the main Assamese in Modi’s cabinet, has been designated as the BJP state chief. The central government is reflecting on a progression of sops for the Assamese electorate in the keep running up to the decisions. Stretching out Scheduled Tribe status to six groups is prime among them. The six groups, which incorporate the Tai Ahom, Koch Rajbonshi, Motok, Moran, Sootia and Tea tribes, speak to more than 40% of the state’s kin may be voted to BJP. By the way, this was additionally one of the primary requests of the star talks groups of insurgencies.

In perspective of these improvements, the Congress is getting stressed. The Tarun Gogoi government is energetically overhauling the National Register of Citizenship and voter’s rundown to reinforce its odds in the races. Which is extremely juvenile politic by imperiling future era of Assamese individuals. Justifiably, the gathering is playing the ethnicity card to counter BJP’s procedure of charming Bengali Hindus in Assam. The slow development of vital gathering MLAs to BJP has additionally been a reason for stress. Congress are crusading firmly, Mr. Rahul Ganghi and Madamji Sonia Gandhi and boss clergyman Tarun Gogoi are attempting to shield their seat from BJP’s solid wave which can shape an excellent mainstream union with other local gathering to over draws the Congress from the decision seat.


Assam has an aggregate of 126 constituencies. The political partiess of Assam put their hopefuls candidate on the seats in the decision. Congress is the most intense political gathering in Assam as far as results, and it has won the decision consecutive in most recent 3 years. In any case, this year, the aftereffect of the race may presumably support to BJP drove Regional gatherings.

How the congress has failed the state? Assam has been lack behind in term of development and increasing unemployment rapidly; the state has buried in various issues for quite a while. The issue of corruption is rising and illicit workers and resulting violence is still new in the memory of the Assamese as well as each Indian native. In any case, as nitty gritty investigation of the issue uncovered, the issue is only a side effect of a bigger discomfort. Accordingly, we have to change congress principle in the state to spare the state from perils. The constitution has enabled the general citizen to choose the best party to form a government in the state. Each national of Assamese has an ordeal of choosing a correct individual in the congress party yet they have come up short the state. I appeal all citizen of Assam to give a chance to BJP atleast one shot for social change and advancement. The BJP have a strategy and ability to settle the Assamese citizens problem like; illegal immigration, unemployment and rampant corruption. In spite of the fact that unemployment is an issue all over, it has turned into a noteworthy issue in lower and focal Assam and BJP is the best alternative to take care of this issue. BJP has guarantee to enhance alternate issues influencing local people are absence of essential foundation like power, motorable streets, drinking water and solve militancy problem. They can bring all militancy into main stream; no big surprise, congress botch on the deluge of illicit foreigners from over the outskirt puts greater weight on restricted assets yet BJP confront stop it. This has truly influenced the lawfulness circumstance in Assam and turn into a noteworthy barricade to the state’s improvement however the congress never acknowledged in their third time in force. The general population of Assam are losing persistence with the rising defilement and Congress’ token endeavors has neglect to correct the circumstance; consequently, BJP have an incredible opportunity to satisfy their guarantee and give each need of the Assamese in the event that they were offered opportunity to manage the state.

Finally, the state unit of the INC is known as the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee or APCC which was shaped in the year 1921 has failed to prove a good governance to the general population of Assam in their third term in power. As of now, the Chairperson of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee is Bhubaneshwar Kalita who is a good leader, however their party’s works in the Assam has not came to the level of fulfillment but rather very flawed and questioned by numerous intellects and common citizen of Assamese. We need not take another risk with congress in power but rather we ought to allow deserving party to give chance for the greater interest of the state. There is high probability that the power may be move from congress to BJP merging with regional parties; each resident of Assam should realized that we have a privilege to vote in favor for changes (vote in favor of BJP) and for better Assam among the Indian state. I am anticipating welcome the new government in Assam! Good luck to all the parties.


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