How to live a life you want to be?


Good evening, Folks!

Oh my gracious friends in Christ, I have a simple question for you: Are you living a live that you want to be?

Every human has their elucidation of the importance of life; I have come to know, how thought can change the life of peoples. Listen to the word of wisdom! Always be yourself and thank God for what he has done for us. Enjoy every moment of life as a gift but never worry about your life problem; however think it as a challenge and opportunity. Many people in this world worry about money but I tell you the truth, don’t worry about money; because what is the gain when you become a billionaire but lost your soul? Remember when you don’t have cash, you eats vegetables at home; however when cash has, eats the same vegetables in a fine restaurant. I discover a few individuals when they don’t have cash, they rides cycle or bikes; however when has cash they rides the same ‘exercise machine’ in numerous urban areas. My dear young friends! Never fails to deceive you! God has an immaculate arrangement for you to get hitched; however you neglect to go on his time! As we know in our society; the politician who open his kitchen in the time of election has seen nowhere after election and turn all his promises in jokes. However, God promise never fails. Some destitute individual’s acts like a rich man; though some rich men acts like a poor man. Life is not about cash and riches but be happy in your own life and learn to be happy in what you have; don’t be excessively insane, making it impossible to cash which is not so much fitting in with you.

Live as an ambassador for Christ; live in a will of God and serve to humanity in his name (love other as thyself); never at any point traded off your Christian Identity with cash and notorieties! I can tell the basic truth! You said that you are a Christian and you adore your God yet you want to do what is restricted in your religion. It is good to respect all religion equally and respects their God but I won’t encourage worship all God. Many Christians say sin is bad, yet their life continues in sin. Numerous individuals use to say that cash is insidious, yet continues gathering through in illegal way. We all realize that gambling, drinking and unlawful tax assessment is terrible in our general public, yet continues proceeding without a second thought for what end? Never at any point belittle other yet regard their thought and help them to grow their ideas independently. The principal obligation for every Christian is to serve the Lord in his will and a definitive end of life is happiness and salvation in my philosophy.

Oh my fellow believer! Life in Christ has full of struggle and temptation; most of the Christian didn’t really meant what they are praying for but they use to pray just for formality. You want to live a happy life but you never consistent asked to Him and you don’t want to live in a life He want us to live; however, we want God to grand our wish in our will, but not in his will. The truth is, God is always there for you; you have to ask your need; however, He said “seeking first the kingdom of God and all the things will be added into you” but human never want to follow his instruction then ultimately men never achieved our predetermination on time because by using our free-will power, we go our own way and we were bound by our desire and personal weakness. So, we can’t fulfill his expectation, since we have our limitation! You cry for love and good life yet never implies what he says and never says what he implies. I see your life very precious and very beautiful which you should not spoil it by worldly desires. Following an entire day of work in the workplace, hours on the phone and TV center appear to be okay yet helping your friend at house work and offering youngsters at home in concentrates some assistance with seeming like a pardons for us. Go for worshipping God for few min takes a lot of time yet viewing a film for 1:50 hours doesn’t. I understood how rupees appears to be a lot to bargain to street vendor yet it appears to be alright when it’s given as normal in fine shop. Then again, if two poor starving children sitting on the asphalt weren’t given even a cut of bread however their artistic creation will sold for hundred dollars in the bartering. We have to reconsider to roll out an improvement; change yourself that you need to see and live as a decent example for other.

Lastly but not a least! Dear youthful Christian companions ‘live a Christ centre life’; live as a good example and channel of blessing for other. Let the people see Christ in you, and give your smile as a free gift to somebody. Every time you give your grin in your work place, it will make an extremely exceptional day for somebody’s and it won’t hurt you however make other cheerful. We have to live in Christly and in Him we found love, peace and prosperity. Example: donating your blood to a healing facility; we can save more soul including your affection one. Work is worship and do what you love; respect all specialists, professional including day by day workers and take an interest in building a halfway house, doctor’s facility, school or school and open tanks on the grounds that there is hidden beauty in it. Secure the earth and plant more trees; at whatever point a man, creature sits in its shade or eats from it, they are picking up something from your great work. Personally, I belief in equity, justice and Christ centre life; we need to be happy in Christ and we need to work together for the same goal (Happiness and salvation).

Note: Enjoy every moment of your life!

May God bless you all!




-Kharingyo Shimrah


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