NSCN-IM charted out 3 states formula in Naga area

IT Exclusive

After the NSCN-IM collective leadership had completed preparing a 50 points demands to be inked with the Government of India in its first round of talk after the signing of the “Framework Agreement”, the NSCN-IM now charted out three state formulas in Naga Inhabited Areas of Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.
A document available with the Imphal Times revealed that the NSCN-IM has finalised to propose the present Nagaland state to cover upto six district, ENPO state to cover upto four districts including areas inhabited by Konyaks in Arunachal Pradesh and the UNC state to cover the entire Naga inhabited areas of Manipur.
The original text of the NSCN-IM proposal reads as follows –“Present will be the Nagaland State which will cover upto 6 (six) Districts. (b) ENPO-one state will cover upto 4 district ad including with the Eastern people including Konyaks living in Arunachal Pradesh and Burma. (c) UNC- Which shall covered the entire Naga tribes and its inhabited area in Manipur State and 300 Naga villages living in Meitei land should be vacated to Manipur State”.

The NSCN-IM while blaming the government of India for its failure to solve the Naga Political issues in sixty years said that the delayed in the settlement has divided the Nagas into so many factions.

It said that the existing overground govt. has failed to develop Naga areas and wanted all the government Departments in the said three states of Naga to be locked, all government vehicles to be ceased, all government departments to be dismissed for time being besides keeping all Govt. Quarters locked and guarded.

The New formula prepared by the NSCN-IM will not allow any NGOs or Naga underground system in any of three Naga states. Until the New Naga Government run smoothly the NSCN-IM wanted the Indian neutral Forces to be remained.  All arms and ammunition including Naga Spears be seized for the time bring till the new Government is set up peacefully.

Source: http://imphaltimes.com/news/item/3971-nscn-im-charted-out-3-states-formula-in-naga-area


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