United State and China war

World War III is an unwelcome guest: welcoming to the unwelcome guest is the political language speaks in world history. Nations break their relationship and agreement in World War I and World War II, and in world war III there will be no promise on peace but individual life will be lost and compromise will be too late to save the death men. US will welcome the unwelcome guest in her dominant foreign policy theory.

United State ad China Relation; China is one of the largest trading partner for US, and the treat to US dominance foreign policy, vice versa. They have already started a war which is not known to other world; the U.S. is threatened by an established power -China. The U.S. opposes China with three weapons: the tiny Asian elites who could not have it any better than in an alliance with the United States; a huge war machine to stop the Chinese from “taking over” as it is usually put in this country, and; forcible re-education of the so-called “Pacified” peoples. All three of these efforts seem to be failing. And the next are cyber-war, and South China Sea issues are on the process. Under US foreign policy of dominant theory, they try to step up on South China Sea through military strength and the force of NATO will eventually join to US marines, US warship will reportedly enter the 12 mile exclusionary zone claim by china around the newly formed spratly Islands while China will never allowed foreign country to exercise their muscle power under her part of territory, which can lead to direct military confrontation between the two giant. On the other hand, Russia and US cum NATO allies has almost touching to the point testing the dominance power. The winner will be the new super power of the world in long run Politics. There are high chances that US will ultimately lose a war to china in South China Sea but US will try with all her might to control them in certain limit to the countries like china, Russia, India, EU and Brazil in order to stop them from overtaking to USA. But the question arises that can US foreign policies successful in this time? Everyone can predict the outcome from their perspective but the truth is hidden from men. And the student will study more about emerging power and World War III in the world politics in the coming days.


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