We need to be honest, more caring, more courageous, and enjoy happy life by observing some moral value in life. This will helps our journal to chronicle things you did that you used by trying yourself becoming a better person each and every day, and can live as a channel of blessing for other through your living example. We need to be honest and trustworthy: Refrain from lying, cheating and stealing. It includes being honest with yourself as well as with others. One should be courageous: Do what is right, even when you’re faced with unpleasant or difficult personal consequences including personal danger and rejection by others. Self-controlled is very essential: Master your thoughts and control your emotions, speech and actions – especially in times of stress, anger, emotional upheaval or fear. Every person ought to have integrity: Have courage of conviction. Stand up for what is right. Do what you say you will do; be dependable and keep your promises. We need to be caring and compassionate: Do what you can to improve the lives of others (as well as all life on this planet). Always fair and just: Treat others as you want them to treat you. Do not discriminate. Pursue excellence: Always do your best and strive to do better. As a strong men be persevere: Don’t give up; see obstacles and setbacks as lessons. Make the world a better place. Find ways to better your community, family, self, country, and take personal responsibility: Own your life! Be accountable for your thoughts, words and actions. Know that your circumstances are a direct result of your thoughts, words and actions. Do not blame, judge, criticize or condemn but have empathy: See things from different perspectives; put yourself in others’ shoes so you can understand them and their point of view.  Add value to the world: How can you best share your talents? How can you improve the world using your talents, skills, knowledge and ideas? Please respect one another: Know that your way is not the only way; it is one of several billion ways. Acknowledge the dignity, freedoms and rights of others. Always have patient: Learn to delay gratification and learn to enjoy the process.
15. Forgive: Leave past hurts and misunderstandings behind. Stop any cycles of causing pain to oneself or others. Don’t seek revenge – seek peace. We know that Cooperate is very important in today world: Be willing to compromise for the greater good. Don’t forget to have fidelity; be faithful to your values. Be faithful to your vows and promises. Time is short and nothing is permanent under the sun thereby always be a good friend to all: many of us fails especially in hard times and be tolerant: Accept and enjoy the differences among people. Choose to see people’s positive attributes instead of their flaws. We should respect autonomy: Respect the rights of individuals to live their lives their way. Everyone needs to have self-respect: Don’t abuse your body by worldly desire; strive to constantly improve yourself. Please do no harm: To anyone, or anything, including your-self, know the value of life. Every living thing has a right to live; do not make another living thing suffer.  Respect the law of God and state Law: Obey your God, serve your nation, and love your families. Lastly, at the end of the day everyone will die, leaving all our worldly possession including our love one; nobody know the life after death. Enjoy your life by doing good to other.
May good God bless to you all…


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