An Open letter to Khekiye K Sema and T. Solo.

Dear, uncle Khekiye K Sema & T. Solo
I have been following most of your writing and I find all your forwarded thought and debated, accepted or rejected are interesting and highly questionable:
I respect your experienced and your golden hairs, and you should reason together with Naga leaders for the betterment of Naga Nation. We need to remember that every human society conceives and seeks to apprehend its political life and character in sharply discrepant ways. It does so through its historical conceptions of what is valuable and how what it deems valuable can be realized through action based on fact, and it does so through its assessment of the impact of power on how and how far these values are realized in the political consequences they have for its Nagas denizens. Neither of these ways can be a surrogate for the other, and they never articulate stably or clearly with one another. My question is, can you reflect back to your writing? Analyzed it with the help of political philosophy. But every society faces a standing temptation, money-power intellectuals as much as political-politicos, to reduce or subordinate one to the other we need to reason together whereas you didn’t, politically speaking. The modern Naga society privilege assessments on peace and permanent solution outcomes; and as soon as they (collective leaderships) attempt to shape Naga nation-state any other way in their (NSCN-GoI) current renderings rapidly dissolve into complete incoherence for a political reason, which you fail to understand. I am very much positive that there is time for everything under political timeline, they (NSCN-GoI) will make public on time in mutual way before they has signed the final settlement. Indigenous Naga politicians and populist intellectuals, civil societies by contrast to your ideas, but defend the primacy of their society’s own conceptions of itself and the goods it aspires or hopes to secure our right and nationhood. I need not to claim you guys are congress agent or judge you whether you’re doing good work for Naga society or doing deconstructionist activities in Naga society but I have to question to myself and especially to every content of your writing. If you guys didn’t want to be a part of peace and reconsideration then no-one is forcing you but please be a part of peace accord as a shareholders for the greater interest of Naga society. Tell your boss that you will stand with Naga people because you already know that voice of people is the voice of god in politics. I request every Naga citizen to play a part of unity-reconciliation toward peace and permanent solution of Nagas denizen but not to play a role of destruction-factional in our families. To be honest, I am really fed-up of multi-taxation, factional-clashes, factionalism, and divide and rule policy from both underground and civil society. What I/We want is peace, development, reconciliation and permanent solution for Naga people under Naga Nation state or Pan Naga Hoho. Lastly, but not the least, I remember how we/youngster really admire your courage leadership under ACAUT ” One Govt. One taxation, and anti-corruption’ and solve the Naga issues in the earliest” We though you come back to clean our Naga society and we supported you with love, but I have little doubt with your intention. Don’t led ACAUT die with your age. However, once again we are waiting your next move for peace and reconciliation. I highly recommend to introspect yourself by realizing your limitation, you don’t have to touch the star. Dear uncle it is late evening in your clock, you need to do a good work for the Naga Society and for Humanity In humane way. May good God Bless you both. No offence.


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