Why the Nagas observes Black Day?

Nagas observes Black Day:

Matikhrü village in 1960 perched on a small mountaintop with a grand view of the Thetsü valley, which stretches into Myanmar after touching the fringes of Manipur state. The river Thetsü flows right through the middle of the valley like a serpent. Behind the village, the top mountains of the Maharikiipo range stand like sentinels guarding the village.

It was on this day the 6th sept. 1960 Punjab Regiment of Indian army came to Matikhrü and surrounded the village in three rings. The Indian armed forces called out all the villagers from their houses and then start mercilessly beaten, hitting with their boots and rifle’s butts,demanding the innocent villagers to reveal the National workers and Naga armies of the NNC/FGN, where about and where were their arms and ammunition were kept??………

Men folks were separated from their wives and children then start sever punishment, force to pull their own ear and frog jumps the whole day on a blazing sun light in full view of their wives and children…. On seeing the conditions of their husbands, women folks were brought water to quench their husband but were kicked and knocked away by the soldiers, they pleaded for mercy but the army threatened and chased them away. The more pleaded the more hitting and beaten, torture went on until their ribs and legs were broken.

By the evening, the Indian army then gun shots threatened women folk and children to leave the village quickly. After threaten to fled their wives and children, men folks were then dragged inside into the house of the village Chief and were made to sit on the floor in row like lamb’s ready to be slaughtered. One of the Indian army brought sharp bladed Naga dao used for daily activities for chopping wood, meat etc. When the village Chief Thah saw it, he quickly sensed that, they are going to butchered to death and he shouted to his friends, “IT’S A MAN’S PRIDE TO SACRIFICE FOR HIS BIRTHRIGHT AND I SHALL NEVER SURRENDER NOR COMPROMISE.I READY TO SACRIFICE MY LIFE FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION OF THE NAGAS”.

Before he could utter more words, Pogholo’s head was chopped off in front of others………. and then beheaded them all and even the pitiless Indian army dumped the dead bodies inside the house of the village Chief and set ablaze to be charred beyond recognition. Entire houses and granaries were burnt to ashes even domestic animals did not spared.

The bereaved mother’s and children who fled into the jungle due to the threaten and fear of the Indian army had to survived on wild yam’s, fruits and raw water etc.. The widows and children lived like wild animals in the dense forest and wilderness for two and half years……… They wander without clothes, no shelter, with leaves and stone as their bed and pillow. In the midst of this immense hardships and suffering, the Naga Army of the NNC/FGN came and escorted to their Sathi camp.

By the grace of the Almighty God, the abandoned village was re-established and normal live only after in January 1963.(see details in Naga Saga/Bloods nTears by Kaka. D. Iralu/Black Day Souviner)…..
The term “BLACK DAY” was coined by the Pochury Students’ Union in the year 1993 under the leadership of Mr. Yitachu. The Union unanimously declared the 6th September as “Black Day” and the people of the Pochury have been observing as “Black Day” in remembered of those who were beheaded by the Indian Army in 1960, 6th September.

The deaths and sacrificed was not for Compromised nor Surrendered but to protect the Naga Sovereignty and Independence. For the tears and bloods of the patriots and innocent. villagers of the Nagas we are honour and dignity today. So also the pain and suffering of the innocent villagers who shed their precious bloods for the cause of the “Nagas Sovereignty” will not go in vain but I am sure and confident that,it will glorify someday sooner or later as said in Philippians1:6.


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