Micromax phone

 Mobile Phone on Micromax Company.

Introduction: Micromax phone is one of the most famous Indian phone manufacturing company located its headquartered in Gurgoan, haryana, India. Micromax started as an IT software company in 2000 and work on embedded platforms. It entered the mobile business and become one of the largest Indian Domestic Mobile Company operating in low cost feature phone segments by 2010.  In 2014, Micromax is the 10th largest Smartphone Vendor in the world. The Micromax phone manufacturing company is founded by Rahul Sharma, Vikas Jain, Sumeet Arora, and Rajesh Agarwal at Deihi India on 29th 2000. It brand can only serve in India, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.  Many Indian youngsters, economist, academicians, politicians and intellects support the company for promotion of “Make in India” campaign in India. In India, the largest commodity used by many youngsters and common citizens is a mobile phone, phone is using everywhere and whenever they go and it is the most important commodity used for communication. Micromax phone can give the facilities like Samsung, Apple, Xaomi, and other. The company strictly follows the Ethics eBook, Media Law and Copy Right. This company can give the best facilities and services to their customers; their customer support officers are available 24 x 7 and they are happy to help the customer.

Main context of Micromax Phone: the Micromax phone is one of the most trusted Indian brands, which give number of facilities and sell out in cheap and affordable price in the Indian Market. The main context of the Micromax Phone can be discus in more detail as under:

  • Communication: Micromax phone is one of the best I ever used, it give the highest level of satisfaction in communication through phone. We can communicate with this phone in many ways; calling one another, can be talk with group of peoples through conference call, video calling, sending massages, and leaving voice massages, and so on. Thereby, it gives good services in communication.
  • Watching movies and songs: Micromax Canvas is a smart phone, which is very comfortable to watch movies and other short movies clips. The new brand phone gives excellent facilities for listening song. We can adjust and change the tunes, base, and so on.
  • Camera: we can take a clear picture from this phone, the camera on this phone is very good and can be sent or upload that picture directly to YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Bluetooth.
  • Downloading picture, songs, movies and others apps: the phone give the downloading facitities which include; songs, movies, games, and other apps.
  • Using WhatsApp, Facebook and others: Micromax phone is very comfortable especially, when using Facebook and WhatsApp. Since the phone support 3G and 4G the internet strength is very strong and the customers trusted the brand.
  • Dictionary: we can see any English Words Meaning in dictionary from the phone; we can also translate foreign languages into English through this phone.
  • We can take note: in some meeting or in seminars or in any event, we used to carry pen and note book for taking. However, this phone gives the best facilities to take note on this phone.
  • Recording: we can take any recording, most of the time, when we go to take interview and have conversations with some important persons, in that time we just take recording.
  • Map and direction: this new brand phone gives the direction and map, both online and offline. We can see any part of the world, and we can check out the direction where-ever we wish to go.
  • FM Radio: there was time we used to listen FM Radio, and news in the Radio, now we can listen in this phone with more clarity and accurately.
  • News: this phone gives the facilities to watch the News in live and we can read all the newspapers through this phone.

Critically analyzes the ethical issues surrounding Micromax Phone with an example:  we can perfectly enjoy movies, videos, games and many others in the Micromax phone. However there are some set of rules playing as an ethical protection of the Micromax Company, and customers’ right were given under the company rules.

Legal and morality: in the instruction there is clearly mention that the product can be selling on India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Russia.  Any customer can claim their right, if anything happen on their commodity, while the goods/phone are under warranty. If any customers using their product for bad purpose or illegally like, taking dirty picture or video and using in social media then this effect the morality and such action are illegal, the company is not responsible for misconduct of the customers. However, the persons are going to take responsible for his/her actions. The companies highly recommend using for good purposes.

Media Law and Ethics eBook:  the company should maintain and work under the guideline of the Media Law and Ethics eBook in order to avoid any illegal activities and punishment. The customers of the company can get the free app, by entering their email address or mobile phone number. There are rules, acts and ethics surrounding the print, electronic, and film and advertising media.

Direction: the company enjoys the freedom to promote their brand under the direction given in the Indian constitution.  The workers of the company should respect the rule and regulation of the company and work under the direction of the company. When the company employers deny working under the company direction, and effect to any other companies or to harm anybody; which is ethically wrong under company term and condition of the company, then the company will take serious action against the employers and compensate to the affected party.

Ethics and Norms: the company strictly follows the terms and conditions in order to maintain Ethics and Norms, as well as ethics and its norm surrounding technology for independent living.

Copy right: there is a strict rule to maintain the copy right in manufacturing the phone. No company can copy for other company without concerning them. If any company copy others company model or design or anything then that is illegal, and which is an ethical; thereby, the company did not copy from the other companies and they protect their copy right from other.

Conclusion: Micromax phone is Indian manufacturing company located at Gurgoan, Haryana India. It started as an IT software company in 2000 and promotes their brand at Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Russia. Micromax is one of the largest domestic manufacturing mobile phone in the market and 10th largest Smartphone vendors in the world.  Micromax Company is supported by many citizens of India and it is more popular recently, “Make in India” campaign by BJP led Mr. Modiji all around India. The emerging company trying to compete with giant company likes Apple, Samsung and Xaomi in the market. The Micromax mobile phone is one of the most popular commodities using to communication and other purposes.  The main context of the Micromax phone are; calling, communication, movies, music and song, games, camera, downloading song and movies, note taking, map and direction, recording, news from various channels and newspaper. Ethical issues surrounding Micromax phone; the company provides a good services to the citizens of India. They follow the Media Law and Ethics eBook while manufacturing the mobile phone. The company and their employers are working in certain direction in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances which are illegal or unethical. The company is maintaining ethics and norms to promote their brand and to compete with other companies. The Micromax Company strictly follows and respects the “Copy Right” in Mobile Manufacturing World. Thereby, Micromax is the best phone I have used so far. Many youngsters including me are very much support the campaign “Make in India”. I like Micromax and I am a fan of this company.


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