Tmy nameTangkhul10494508_736001729779821_8234112298292758318_ohere is no progress in the Indo –Naga peace talk under ceasefire between two nations for many year. This unfortunate situation will bring more bloodshed in NAGA inhabited areas in a days to come, since the ceasefire between NSCN & GOI can’t continue for the insincerity of Indian politicians. Thereby, civil society should take up some step and responsibilities toward safety & securities for common men and women from both parties. Naga civil society deserves more secure, prosperous, and dignified life, by realization that Human Rights are central to developing every person’s potential in civilized world. We understand that the policies of GOI is quite unfair, and completely questionable for many reasons, and by knowing their dangerous policies applying to the Nagas people in general, apart from “divided and rule policy”; they are trying their best to erased the concept of sovereignty/nationhood in youngster mind in Nagalim, with that vision in mind, they are taking every possible step to fulfil their mission by ignoring the value of most precious human life. Therefore, GOI want to call-off the ceasefire indirectly by knowing that the civil society is no longer willing to support to so-called NSCN or NPGs. However, it is an opportunities for all National workers to come together as one (Naga Army) to take the support of Naga peoples to turn this upcoming problem into reasonable solution. So, we should not remain as a spectators anymore but we would raise our voice for our right and pressurized both all NPGs and GOI, to attain our goal and to maintain peaceful life by bringing permanent solution. However, our (civilians) mission is to strengthen community-led initiatives to achieve positive social progress, economic development and want to stabilize current political scenario, and social environmental change toward permanent peace and reasonable solution one for all across all naga inhabited areas under one government (Nagalim).



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