Philosophy of Human Development:

What is Human Development? Critically analyzing the views on how human development can be realistically attained within prevailing socio-economic conditions. What, is the significance of Human Development as a contemporary vision for societal reorganization?” Discussing the nature of this significance with the help of one or two examples in Human Right perspective. my name969374_675184249165052_769715694_n906687_10152349491211003_5399677118797655187_o.

Human Development; is a wellbeing concept within a field of International development in mulita-dimensional and pluralities that are radically involved education as much as health, socio-economic standard of living and political freedom. United Nation define human development as “the process of enlarging people’s choices”, said choices being allowing them to “lead a long and healthy life, to be educated, to enjoy a decent standard of living”, as well as “political freedom, other guaranteed human rights and various ingredients of self-respect.” The  human  development  approach  has  been  greatly  inspired  by  Amartya  Sen’s  pioneering works in welfare economics, social choice, happiness, agency and value, poverty and famine, and development economics. Mahbub ul Haq has says human development main pillars are: equity, efficiency, participation and sustainability. Apart from his four principle, other like; responsibility, respecting Human Right, people’s wellbeing, feeling satisfied with one’s life and possessing resources and expand people’s freedom, were a part of Human Development.

Critically analyzed the views of Hahabub Ul Haq on Human Development:  according to Hahabub Ul Haq, well knows economist, the basic purpose of the Human Development is to enlarge the people choice and the objective is to create enabling environment for to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives. The Human Development Paradigm cover all aspects of development, it is whether economic growth or international trade, budget deficits or fiscal policy, saving or investment, technologies, basic social services and the safety net of the poor. Thereby, according to him, no aspect of the development model falls outside its scope, but the vantage point is the widening of people’s choices and the enrichment of their lives. So, the economic growth become only a subset of the Human Development Paradigm.

Prof. Hahabub Ul Haq, pointed out four essential pillar’s in Human Development: Equality, sustainable, Productivity and empowerment. However, It regards economics growth as essential but emphasized the need to pay attention to its quality and distribution, analysis at the length its links with human lives and the question of long term sustainability. The Human Development paradigm defines the end of development and analyzes sensible option for achieving them is partially not true.

My personal views on Human Development as a contemporary vision for societal reorganization: the philosophical foundation of Human Development by Hahabub Ul Haq is highly appreciable, my analysis draw on his aspect of Human Development. Human Development can be understand in much more wider sense; starting from individuals, families to nationals or internationals relationship in various aspect, which includes people’s health, educations, political freedoms, citizens securities, including jobs, good law and governance of the state, international relationship including trade and other partnership, stopping racism, controlling terrorism, environment protections, other aspect of life, and peaceful life; enjoys what we do and going to bed at night with peaceful mind and soul without depression. However, most of the us understand in economic growth and economic development as a sustainable increase in living standard, good infrastructures, and skyscrapers’ in metros cities, securities; job securities and basic human right.

Discussion on the nature of significant with an example: Hahabub Ul Haq, cental argument can be given with example in country-wise;

Firstly, the development must put people at the Centre of its concerns.

Secondly, the purposed of development is to enlarge all human choice, not just income.

Thirdly, the Human Development paradigm is concerned on both building up human capabilities and using those human capabilities fully.

E.g.1; Human capabilities through investment and through enabling framework for growth and employment were practicing in Western countries at people choice.

Fourthly; Human Development’s four pillars;

  • Equality; refers to justice, impartiality and fairness, and equal opportunities.
  • Sustainability; political power, socio-economic poverty and the global water and food crises, and controlling climate change and
  • Productivity; economic growth, new technologies work for human development.
  • Empowerment: new dimension of human entitle to make decision.

Example.2: (In China, North Korea and Russia; people choice is very less, but more focus on economics development unlike European countries)

Conclusion: Human Development is understand as to increase in the economics and the living standard of the peoples, political freedoms, equal opportunities, eco-friendly development and civils right of the people across gender, ethnic groups, religions, races, religion, and countries. Hahabub Ul Haq four pillars; equality, sustainable, productivity and empowerment. Human Right and Political Freedom of the citizens are very much important apart from Socio-Economic growth.

– kharighyo shimrah


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