I visit devil city, loveliest ruined city in sea coast,

All souls fled in 1964 with weave, and invasion swept for no cost;

Amidst weaves bowers thy tyrant’s invisible hand,

Suddenly turned into graves, saddens all green island:

I talk to deadly souls, they only knew after life it should happened;

Creator decided his plan, which human know not what will happen.

People turn the devil city into tourism but her soul warn,

My island, my people would controlled my nature she warned.

Confused to happy or cloaked in a sunny weave but I recall;

All the history make the world more beautiful when I recollect.

Moldering wall welcoming strongly like a dying soldier;

Everybody feels home in scary eyes examined by old soldiers.

The guard-men herd the hollow echoing sound;

Islander choice is ready go with the sound.

Around the island is fishes home but hard to get what they deserved;

Water is surrounded the island but they hardly find water like in desert.

Film star dance for depart soul in the devil city and her fames grows;

Beauty speak the sweetest sound where the islander can’t denied her growth.

I tested the water and sand; gives the reality of her best companion;

They think me as foreigner, but we all belong to mother Earth in my opinion.

I hard not the birth singing nor the fishes playing, but the sea weave always does;

I know the joyful beautiful girl enjoying in the weave, even the weave is happy what she does.

Her beauty is design in an artless way, her joys compared to happiest moment of her memories,

The sprinkler of her joys passes to all, and our tour always in my memories.


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