Nagaland Nagas and Nagas residing in other state: The mentality of divisionism between Nagas from Ngaland and Nagas residing in other state is the political construction. It is successful when it’s hit directly to those who are weak and will be continue until we understand Indo-Naga Political History. Congress led government trying to solved Nagas problem by using “divided and rule policy” along money power as a meant of development since 1950, and the Indian intellects and Nagas intellects know that Nagas residing in Nagaland get more benefit from Naga Couse; however, most of the educated youngster want to find the reasonable solution by knowing the fact of the virus transplanted by government of India. I will rather suggest to share our Ideas, opinions, interests, problems, talents, and remain Naga as one in this group, let every Naga who residing in different state, cities and countries get benefited from this group.



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