What is Kuknalim?

The word ‘LIM’ was first coined during the days of NNC with the formation of KUKNALIM derive from two dialects, “KUK” derived from tenyidie word “KUO” victory and “NA” as people and “LIM” from Ao Nagadialect “LIMAH” as land.

Thus, “KUKNALIM” in its fullest terms, VICTORY TO OUR PEOPLE AND LAND.

  1. Imchen writes, “The word Kuknalim has been coined by Late.  Takatemsu and its purely an Ao derivative.  Kuk-short for takok (previously takuk), meaning victory Na-short for naga, Lim-short for Lima, meaning land, which means Takuk naga lima asoshi, which interpreted in english means victory to Nagaland. ‘Kuo’ and ‘takuk’ which both means victory should not be confused with the origin”

In 1982, when Z.Lohe became the president of NSF (also former Speaker of Nagaland state Legislature) resolved a new theme of NSF “for a greater lim and glory of the Nagas”. Later in 1993, when Mr. K.Temjen became the president of NSF and Mr.Theja Therieah as the Speaker, the conference theme for the Fifteen General conference of the NSF at Ukhrul was “for a unified Nagalim”

There after Mr. Vikheho Swu (also the former convener of NPMHR) took over as the President of the NSF and Mr. Neiba Kronu as the Speaker,on the endorsement of the 15th General conference of the Federal Assembly at Ukhrul, a commission was formed to work out the concept of the unified Nagalim.

The commission consisted Of Rev Dr. Wati Aier, Dr. Tuisem .A. Shishak ,Dr. Visier and the executive council of the NSF. Subsequently, the commission brought out a brochure called “FOR A UNIFIED NAGALIM”  In 1995 at the 16TH General conference of the NSF at Phek. Later on NPMHR also adopted its usage in 1996.

Then in 1999 the NSCN started Using as “National Socialist council of Nagalim” in place of Nagaland.

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