Indo-Naga peace talk is going to be held in New Delhi shortly, no doubt the NSCN and other representatives for Naga peace talk are the master of Naga politics. While I am a citizen who have the same nationalist mindset as national workers which they hardly accept.  GoI is trying their best to maintain 100% peace & security in her country and trying to control the public interest by killing the ideology of demanding for separate state by Naga national workers, While NSCN and civil society believes in the fact that ‘ Greater Nagalim and Sovereignty’ as their ‘Birth Right’, they  are trying to reach to the point through table negotiation; more-over the atmosphere of distrust has imbued that the Naga political solution can’t solved in the table negotiation nor integration of all the faction but it lies in the understanding among the people through Naga Historical foundation from the bottom line’s focusing towards the target by using an ‘IDEAS’ and capacities to find the way out with our political rights to driven out from Indian control in a wonderful & skillful way. We can used 5 billion of Naga’s  human resources as the weapons of IDEAS to give a strange shot for all at the target, ultimately all the people will come unconditionally including all the factions and some groups of people who are claiming as representative for civil society by ignoring all the Apex civil societies like Naga Hoho and NSF who represents  all tribes of Nagas but if NSCN negotiate without ‘sovereignty & integrity’  then, the decision will be immature by fading away the support of the Naga people; thereby keeping aside it for pending and take what they deserve will be wise for a better way to attain the goal, which can never be compromise and never will. I am 80% sure that GoI will respond in the positive way by admitting to redraw the State boundaries since the Indian constitution have empower to Center to do that, but they might stuck again when the other state protest widely against their decision, however it will be hard to imagine, sovereignty for Nagas in Indian parliament in the present political scenario of India. Nagas need to understand, that sovereignty will not be given by Indian govt. but they can declare to recognize it because sovereignty is the gift from God to all the nation.  We will sing a song of freedom one day.



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