Naga youngster want peace, development and permanent peace.

Naga youngster love peace, we need development and permanent political solution for Naga society: many educated youngster observing the present situation in Nagaland. Nagas are religious and nationalist, we respect our Historical Right and Political Right. The so-called National Workers and other leaders have done their best in their life times; no doubt, they make many mistake, and they could not fulfill our expectation nor achieve their goals. Now the youngster have to decide their future; whether to live under the rule of Indian in agony for lifetimes from one generation to other generation or to live as a free men by protecting Nagas historical Right and Political Right as a world class citizens. We, the youngsters should reason together to bring peace, development and permanent solution for all Nagas in the earliest. Naga elders, freedom fighters and political leaders have bring chaos in different direction to our society, everywhere there is corruption, the factionalism rule over night, we are alienated by invisible law to exercise our own right in my land. Let’s united together our ‘ideas’ we can find reasonable answers. However there is a possibilities to success Indian policies call “Indianization” to the Naga youngster, especially in Nagaland, which will bring more problem in the day to come. I love my people and my country side. Kuknalim


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