my quote conner

My Quotes corner;

  • Awaor hi pangshapna.
  • Naongarali wortam milu, chinanali ringphangasakra.
  • Empowering Peh and her citizen.
  • We the people for reform.
  • We are campaigning for social change.
  • Live in justice.
  • Seeking first the kingdom of God.
  • Let the peace of God rule in your heart.
  • Love your women and love your nation.
  • Pehnao have the habit of Forgive and forget.
  • Explore your talent.
  • What is the benefit to gain whole world if you lost your soul.
  • Respect other then you will be respected.
  • Peh is a beautiful place and women are beautiful.
  • We the people of Peh; our logo
  • Live laugh, love.
  • I believe in peace.
  • I belief in love.
  • Global peace.
  • Stand up for your right.
  • I am a feminist.
  • I wear pink coz I belief in equality.
  • Get education and live as an example for other.
  • Read like a queen, act like a king.
  • Experience as tools of education.
  • There is mistake in your education if you can’t convert in to quality.
  • Live is journey, enjoy it.
  • Life is choose, choose it wisely.
  • Women empowerment is the slogan famous in my generation.
  • Empowering youth.
  • Present is always beautiful.
  • Everyone is equal before the eyes of God.
  • Men and women have equal right.
  • Save the mother earth by dedicating your time.
  • Find out your capability, set your aim and achieve it.
  • Silent-ness has its own tune which is lovelier to the loudest music when compared.
  • It is true that I can visualized the face of my lover.
  • Finding an answer for the question give another question.
  • When something dies, another born like a circle.
  • There is so many thing yet to find out on earth.
  • When your wisdom grow higher, you have more mile explore.
  • Human was being bound by the invisible force.
  • Ideas is the greatest weapon in wars I ever seen.
  • Education is to nourish and train a child.
  • Sexuality is the men happiest and weakest point in human life.
  • Religion is the philosophical term, which bring confusion to the fools.
  • Religion is the belief in super-natural power which really don’t exist.
  • Religion bring peace in human mind.
  • God has the solution for all the problem.
  • I belief in God but not in religion.
  • God is love and He love me.
  • I have a visions given by God.
  • Love your God and served the nation as your first duties.
  • My family is my life.
  • Friends are those people who make my life more meaningful.
  • Mother deserve the most honorable award to be given.
  • My daddy is my first teacher.
  • Parent are seeing God in life.
  • My mummy is like a real angel for me.
  • My parent give everything they have to keep me happy.
  • I love my mum & dad non like anything else.
  • Life is a precious gift from God.
  • Soldiers are born once and you dies only once, dies for noble cause.
  • Soldiers are not for wars among human but for protection of mankind.
  • War bring peace for time being but not for permanent peace.
  • War in victory is just a welcoming ceremonies for another battle.
  • Understand for solution is more reasonable for war.
  • War is a shameful action, where the coward put the brave dead.
  • Vision is an arts of seeing thing invisible in a visible ways as a gift.
  • Poverty is not a crime but it lead to crime.
  • Killing is a crime no matter what.
  • Beauty is a great gift from God.
  • Kindness is the most beautiful language I ever seen.
  • Helping other has its own taste of happiness.
  • Knowledge is earn through education while wisdom is developed.
  • Talk to the wise-men he will polish your wisdom.
  • Some medicine is for cure but not to heal the wound.
  • The beauty of relationship need to experience by all.
  • Good listener has ability to understand the other.
  • Problem is the capital for wise-man.
  • Leadership quality can be earn through experience apart from the gift.
  • Teacher is a good student to learn more.
  • Love is the most beautiful feeling experiencing in my life.
  • Your capability and hard-work give you the confident to hit your target.
  • It is good to set your goal by knowing yourself.
  • Every citizen has right to live.
  • Exploring the new experience is a memorable moment.
  • Environment is a part of my life, I should live in eco-friendly.
  • Experience is more expensive when shares to other.
  • Friends are like a left hand in my life.
  • Revolution is the rebirth of history toward change.
  • Let’s the children play in the open space because they love to do that.
  • Naga are religious and nationalist.
  • New ideas are emerging to control the problem.
  • Democratic form of government will not stand forever like evergreen in later 21th cencury.
  • be the first modernist.

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