India is the largest democracy in the world. I am experiencing the democratic form of government more than 27 years and I find that this is not a good form of government. I agree the representative form of government but not the democracy that the Indian is following. Citizen of Indian elected their representative but did they really represent the people? Is a big question. In India, some candidate were elected without any ideas of Law and Governance, they don’t even know what is written in the constitution and how to govern the state according to the law of the land but they were elected because they have power, money, wealth, own big business firm, successful as movies actor, they have fame, people regard them and successful in some fields; the political party give their party ticket to the candidates who are famous, who can win the election for party, or who come political family but they don’t look the candidate who can run the state, who is expert in political fields, who have a chance to get people support. However, there was a mistake in the common men side, because most of them were hero worshiper, they should be more careful when choosing their representative to run the government on their behalf. The state remember their citizen only in the times of election and in the election the richest candidate and powerful person always win in Indian the election system, and at last the state become the enemies of their citizens. There is no test system or courses provided to the candidate whether the candidate can hold the highest ministerial post or not but they were just elected because they have power and they were the only candidate and the 80% of candidate come from political families back ground in India. Politician sons, daughters, and grand children can involved in politics any times they, like; Indira Gandhi, Mr.Kiren Rijiju and Mr. Rahul Gandhi, did. The nominal representative run the government and in return their policies harmful to some communities and denied all their right for the interest of the larger group which is one of the worst part of the democracy. The present form of government assume that majority is always right but according to me which is totally the opposite because every one has equal right in the state. Some month back in my home town, state forces killed two protester by live bullets and 56 seriously injure and more than 100 have minor injuries. The protest started when the ruling government trying to create a problem by imposing 144 CrPC to get people attention; the politician do anything to get power and in order to get power they need people attention, in order to get people attention, they create unnecessary a problem and act like a movies heroes. In present form of government the concept is that, majority is always right because in majority there is power but I rather find the truth instead of following to the injustices ideologies because according to me ‘power and right’ are two face of the coin. The person can earn power by doing right thing according their interest and capabilities but over rides the constitution at dark Corner to get power is not the Right. When we recall the incident of last September 2014 in Ukhrul, how the state take a u-turn politic and third turn in handling the situation to earn power. we elected them to rule in our interest and based on law of the land but in return they came with a gun unlawfully like a machine out of control, at that time we can’t re-act to state forces directly but we fight them back with constitutional mean. However the constitution empower them to kills us anytime, she said do whatever you think is right, we will covers you up; so the forces kills two innocent civilians and wounded many, as a cover up teams the state compensated 5 lacks to the bereaves, which is a highly questionable, because it has been happening since 1952.
Center Government and Manipur Government Policies is harmful for Naga peoples and North-East as a whole, Killing to the Civilians and paying for compensations is the policy for foolish form of government i ever known, and it is continue one-after another ruling party in India. why GoM imposed Sec 144 CrPC under Arm Force Special Power Act (AFSPA) where the army have powers to take any citizen lives they likes without trails, there is no Human Right under AFSPA, dragon law but actually in the constitution it is given that if they captures any suspected person they should hand-over to the nearest police station, imposing such an unnecessary law in our Home Town? The state claim that 144CrPC is imposed because one citizen is killed by identified person, who kills Ngaranzar? The Tangkhul community or nscn or Manipur Govt? No one know, why the CPI and other intelligent agencies did not investigate? But the government just imposed 144 CrPC in Ukhrul Town? When don’t they imposed in the places where he got killed, why not in Imphal? Why not in other places but in Ukhrul Town Alone? why the govt giving trouble to the civil for no reason? There are many question we can ask when we think critically; He was kills directly or Indirectly by the GoM or his personnel enemies in my opinion. And this is the policies play by the center govt using to GoM. According to my understanding, Sec 144 CrPC is firstly use in England in 18-19 century but they abolish by the Public Order Act 1986.The section was used for the first time in India 1861 by the British Raj;
Firstly, According to sections 141-149 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), It is use only when there is emergency like; riot, communal riot, they(protesters) can be sent to ‘the jail for 3 years or fine’ in Indian constitutional context.
Secondly, Right to protest or rally is given in the Indian constitution, when govt act against the will of the community.
Thirdly, when there is protest, the securities forces can use tear gas, even the rubber bullet is not permitted until they were asked to do so, and securities forces were given authority to use live bullet, but only in one condition they can fires to the protesters; only when the protesters is out of control, at that time they can fire in the air(blind fire) as a warning to the protester and if the situation is out of control then they can shot in the foot or below thigh, and when the some protester down then the forces should take them to the nearest hospital at the earliest. However the Indian soldier never follow the constitution of India.
I read thoroughly the constitution of Indian and i find that it is not mention to kills the protesters in the Indian constitution and i realized the danger of democratic form of government because, they were elected by the people where these representative misused the law of the land and the governing officer can not read the constitution of the nation, even they know what is written out there but they easily won the election by manipulating to the common people by using vote bank politic, money powers and other means. They know have complete knowledge of Human Right and Indian Constitution to run the nation state.
Fourthly, why did the Government of Manipur and her forces violate the constitution of India? Why Manipur Govt become the enemies for the common citizens? and where is Indian Government in that time? No! the ruling party in center cant hide behind the screen. Citizen elected their representative to rule the government in their will; however, in present Indian democracy, when the politician come into power then ultimately, they started filling their empty tank by any mean and driven them by power, without any limit of hunger for power. So, some Indian politician called ‘power is poison’ because no matter how they violate the law of the land, in order to gain power. And the politician were busy for next election but they have ignores the right of the people and the value of precious life.
We don’t want this form of government for many reasons and this is not the form of government for Naga nation-state. There is no concerned of nagas in making of the constitution of India and it can cannot be applied for the Nagas nation-state.
And lastly but not the least, Indian form of democracy is not the best form of government for Naga people. Because, Government of India present in Naga inhabited areas for more than 6 (six) decade, Indian forces, Indian army, polices and IRBs(GoM) were proved 100% wrong by carrying of inhuman action to the Naga people, like; killings, rapes, beaten, force labors, tortured, violate many human right, and responsible for lost of thousand of innocent Nagas and killing without trail; based on International law, Indian constitution and Naga Customary Law, they are wrong but Indian democracy can’t bring justice for Nagas but it encourage this action by implement a policy like AFSPA and Ats 144 CrPC in Naga inhabited areas and in North-East part of India; but why there is no justice, the guilty should be penalized according the law of the land. There were many Nagas and Northeast citizen killed, rape, beaten and discriminated by Indian in all major cities of India but there is no fair justice for them; then shall we say that, this a good form of government? Here is your further clarification, Naga are not Indian in Naga History and Nagas will never be a part of India. And her democratic form of government is not a good form of government for Nagas. Those naga living in various part of India are not in war-zone but they are students, professional workers and businessmen; please, treat them like your brother and sister or as human being and stop racism. So, Indian democracies is not the best form of government and this form of government can’t applied in Nagas inhabited areas. Naga people must decide their own future and we know our interest better than anyone. Thereby Indian can’t force to Nagas to accepted Indian democratic form of government unlawfully, if we don’t want to live with Indian than they have no right to force us for another decade; the Naga people will decide their future and their form of government based on customary law, culture, custom, history and interest of her citizen, NAGA people will choose what is the best for the people one for all. However, we will not follow any form of government blindly because Indian democracy is the medicine for Indian but it can be a poison for other.




  2. It’s true that “Nagas are not Indian” . “Nagas are not Burmese (Myanmar)” too. Naga has its own country/ nationhood on this earth.


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