I recall my life how happy my life is;

I remember, a man saw a pretty woman, she is the most beautiful thing he ever known. He is a man of word, & son of God and he said “I’m gonna love her with all my heart, soul and life and she will be my soul-mate” if she accepted me. He propose her after a month, she reply him back that ‘i don’t know you’ is her first reply he received. Again and again like a kid he tried his best, and then she reply him back with positive respond that ‘she will ask the council of God’. After a month, again the man asked her replay, then she said that ” wait for some more time and she need to think” in the mean time they kept on touch on phone. At last after a month, when the man ask, her reply come back with heavy & wonderful promised, she said, “when you hold the name God, my heart say YES, but before I say you yes, can you accepted that you will never love to any other woman, other then me no matter what, and if you did the God will judge, will you accepted”, she asked to him, than the man answer her with cool sound yes! And he was very happy, and they know that God has the purposed for them. Now they were in relationship with up and down but they love each other very much, for them nothing is more important to their relationship when compared.
He added, what a beautiful romantic feeling i have in my heart! Such a wonderful experience. He want all the man to respect their women and want them to experience the real happiness of life in a will of God. He murmur slowly; the life on earth is full of happiness if we know the real taste of our life. The man want all the human on Earth to live as a good example for other, by respecting the humanity, Nationals constitution, stop racism, stop violent, equality of all human in society and live in love and peace, where the justice have no space to perform in self actualized society. The world is more beautiful when her love reach him in the wind and everything on earth is more beautiful when he is with her. He want to go with her in the place where they will never come back and he want to grow old with her. It was a rainy season in June 2007 when the river water was rising up-to my chest; still i need to cross the river in the best portion. When i reach to the center of the river almost 5 meters away from the bank i couldn’t move forward nor backward. I hardly crossed at last. Once, on 2012, a similar situation happened in my relationship; i couldn’t move forward neither move backward in the middle of relationship but finally everything was settled in the love God. When i recalled, life is very beautiful and everything has kept on changing.
Life still goes on.. The life is beautiful, it is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, suffering, sorrow, pain, defeat, failures and problems. Life is and should not be just a bed of roses; thorns are also a part of it and should be accepted by us just as we accept the beautiful side of life. Enjoying the short life on earth with your love one and it is the happiest moment in our life. I love you my Agelin and always will.


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