Oh racism thou famed grows each day, as an unwelcome guest;

Thy ideas existed in every heart of the weak, as a regionalism guard.

Racism is in all nook of the social institutions;

Experienced every day in Hindustan cities, and I saw virus of social evil in every nation.

In the mid-night of 21st century, thou sing a loudest song in roof of the world;

In a dune of democracy, we dream of liberty in a weave of loveliest words.

Discriminates foreigner, treat them like Lilliput in Ur as rebellion smile;

Respect to them like princes in their kingdom and pretending to go a miles.

No scorpion poison is more painful than your ideology of injustice;

No religion asked you kills or harass but your dictionary is full of prejudice.

White men discriminate to nigger and north-east people by Indian citizens;

King Martin Luther judge not in skin color but racism is ruffian’s denizen.

Wrote I, ‘the Indian greatest mistake in my time’ but she heard not;

Chinky cries for justice but skin color fails them for justice to knot.

Superiority and prejudice are their cultures everywhere we meet;

Forgotten who they are, search only for profit in my blank sheet.

No professions have extra salary but official’s finding extra money as resources;

Worship to wealth in racist mindset and hurt emotion of many poor as lighted sources.

Corruption is the face of her inflation, the waves of sin rage to pain;

Deepest ocean fill with justice by law, but still the mindset remain.

Sadden me to saw thy heart of racism and speaking like professor;

Fraternity lost her space in thy heart but thou act like successor.

Lost many soul the war we fought, never win the battle in courts;

Death soldier love their nations, justice far behind for cowards.

Thy culture speak your identity, the strong respect it, as the weak take advantage;

My race sent out strong massage, to redesign the brand of our race in new stage.

Solomon the wisest men on earth claim, everyman is equal in eyes of God.

The most beautiful women so-called Helen, belief ‘beauty is the gift of God’.

The greatest invisible institution believe in egalitarian, missionaries will stop preaching the gospel in Eurasia;

Greek heroes never under estimate the enemies, so Alexander the great’s power reach till Asia.

Respect humanity, you can stop racism and started to live as an ambassador;

Racism, stop racism, No Racism, let us respect to mankind as the ambassadors.

Human Right the savior for victim have empower to respect the Socrates’ life;

National constitution empower to stop the innocent soul travel across the bridge of afterlife.

People love peace and justice where conflict rules the world I live in;

Pain out your ideas to stop racism upon the spaceship we travel in.

-Kharingyo Shimrah


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