The meaning of JIHAD and its used.

The term ‘JIHAD’ has been miss-understood by many people. The literal definition of the word jihad is: striving to achieve a goal, while the Quranic definition of the word is “striving with one’s self and one’s money in the cause of God” and more importantly fighting with the evil intentions within oneself which shall reflect in his/ her actions in order to come closer to God.

Kindly refrain from utilizing terms you do not possess full knowledge of lest it may manipulate and condition the thinking patterns of a lot of people even if that may not be your intention.

jihad is miss-used by many people, that jihad should not be used in the actions of suicide bombing or other social violent but it is to be used for ‘striving with one’s self in the caused of GOD’ in order to come closer to God but not against the law & well of God. Love is the greatest comment of God but Killing other is not the law of God. Love one another..



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