I come from the beautiful place called nagalim and I know the greatest mistake India has done in my time, that she colonized Nagalim and enforced Indian constitution forcefully by violating Human Right in every part of Naga inhabited areas and forced the Nagas to become a part of India by using Arm forces since 1951 while Nagas want separate state from India and position is clear for both sides, but Indian  disrespect the Right of the Nagas, their interest, Customary Law and constitution of the Nagas; she kept on forcing to NAGAS and trying more than 60 years which is totally unacceptable as a human being, because every nation have to respect the Historical Right of the other nation and one state can’t rules the other state by force in 21st century. India politicians disrespect the Naga Historical Right and the Political Right which is the Indian greatest mistake I ever seen.

Allow me to give evidence for this claim in respect of ‘freedom of speech’; The Indian state has make a great mistake that have been left behind by British in Naga inhabited areas. When we recall the Naga History, Indian politician lack of honesty and sincerity to nagas people, which lead to bleeding of thousand innocent Nagas because their dirty politics; first plebiscite of India was conducted after her independent in Nagaland in the year of 1951 where 99.9 voted for free Nagas under the leadership of A.Z. Phizo president of Naga Nation Council (NNC) and guardian of GoI, right after that plebiscite India state declared war on Nagas. Indian betray the NNC and plebiscite conducted by two party, by ignoring the result and never talk about that anymore. Naga Nation Council (NNC) which was form on 1918 for the cause of Nagas has boycott the first general election in 1952 and extended to boycott all India offices. Indian sent thousands of Indian armies to colonized Nagalim by violating Humen Right and of the Right of Nagas. 1n 1958, 11th September the Arm Force Special Power Act was passed and enforced in Naga inhabited areas as disturbed areas and conduct many operation and under ‘Blue Birth Operation’ and ‘Force Labours’ many Nagas have been killed, raged, women were rapes, tortured, burn down many houses and did many inhuman action, where the justice was very far for Nagas. GoI and her army men violated countless Human Right in all part of the Naga inhabited areas where they have right to killed the civilian and carry out everything they want under the Law of AFSPA and Sec 144 CrPC, where there was no Justice for Naga people at all under these law. The inhuman action of Indian forces to the Naga people were over the limitation which the NNC expected , NNC calls all the tribe leaders come together to form an organization and started picking up the weapon so-called as Naga Army to protect the Motherland of Nagas, which is supported by civil society of Nagas.


The cease-fire agreement sign between NSCN and Government of India signed on July 25 1997 and continue till date in Prime Minister Level but the government of India are not sincere in the politic toward Nagas.


July 25, 1997 Cease-fire agreement signed between Government of India and NSCN-IM
August 1, 1997 Cease-fire comes into effect
October 29, 1997 Cease-fire agreement extended for three months
April 28, 1988. Cease fire extended for three months, commencing on May 1
August 31, 1998 Cease-fire extended for one year
April 1, 1999. Cease-fire extended for six months from April 15
August 1, 1999 Cease-fire extended for another year
July 31, 2000 Cease-fire extended for another year
January 13, 2001 NSCN-IM leaders and Government of India representatives met in New Delhi to finalise “The Revised Agreed Ground Rules”
June 14, 2001 Cease-fire extended for another year
July 11, 2002 Cease-fire extended for another year
July 17, 2003 Cease-fire extended by another year
July 30, 2004 The Union Government extends by another year the cease-fire with the NSCN-IM following talks with the outfit’s leadership in Chiang Mai, Thailand
July 30, 2005 Cease-fire extended by six months
January 31, 2006 Cease-fire extended for another six months
July 31, 2006 Cease-fire extended for a period of one year
July 31, 2007 Cease-fire extended indefinitely.

 India cant denied the true fact of the Naga history and political Right, so India Government recognized the Unique History and Political Right of the Nagas, on July 11 2002, they also review the 16 point agreement of 1960 and formation of Nagaland in 1962; where the Nagas have their own father of Nation called A.Z. Phizo, even Indian Official respect his tomb in Kohima and the talk in Prime Minister Level symbolized that Nagas are not Indian because in one country there cannot be two Prime Minister.  16 years round of peace talk with GoI without any solution is discouraging. We can recollect, before British came to our land, Nagas have village sovereignty and we are happy with that system but since British control our nation and lather pass their power to India and still we are under the control of other nation. If Naga don’t want to be a part of India than they can’t force us to do so. I am really fed up and I cannot trust to Indian politician anymore because of their insincerities and dirty politics. Government of India need to respect Human Right, I belief Naga sovereignty is a Right of Nagas, so it is a apart of Human Right for Nagas.


Indian state have the second largest population in the world next to china, where Nagas and North-East people were highly discriminated in all the major cities of India by numerous numbers of India citizens. Where there the Indian state has failed to protect the Nagas in her state. Her citizen said to the Nagas people that, you are from china? Or Nepal, or from Japan or from korea? They know that Nagas in Indian cities are not Indian, and all the citizens of India were the proved, but few politician want Nagas to be a part of India for some reason like securities purposed and territory integrity. Indian were afraid of foreign invasion from Noth-East sides, where they are week in military power to protect from country like China. India colonized the Nagas forcefully for they were insecure from Chinese power and want to expand her territories, while she failed to give safety to the Naga, my question is why the Indian government forcefully taken the sovereignty of the Nagas like the British did to India in 19th century? And why they cannot protect the Naga when they want us to be her part, why she become the enemies of the Nagas by killing the civilians and given away the Nagas land to Burma? Is the Indian afraid of her neighboring state, thereby maintaining her protection from them, by hurting immensely to Naga nation? Is not the Student and the workers were discriminated everywhere in all part of india? We were living peacefully in our home town before, but today we are not safe in our own place so-called Nagalim because of your mistake effected deeply to all the Nagas. Nagas will always remember your mistake, which Indian thinks as legal. Why we can say that the Indian respect to Nagas, when her Army can violate the Human Right in Nagaland and other part of Naga inhabited areas? Indian colonized the whole Naga inhabited areas some year back and now I want it back again from her hand. We can’t live under the tyranny rules of India, ruling in my land against the law of my land which is totally unacceptable at all. I want all my people to be safe in my land not to be killed without reason or trail but your law did (your law like AFSPA or Sec 144 CrPC act), it had killed many Naga and compensated for some amount of money for precious life, which is not in my customary law. I want my land to be developed like other country does but not to be function my government under your constitution which is presently functioning under the your law where my people suffer enough because of the corruption of your government in Nagalim. Indian constitution is no longer acceptable for the Nagas because it is not our constitution but we have our own constitution; and if the Government of India is going to solved the Naga political solution under Indian constitution then we the Nagas will never ever accept and never will be, because there is no Nagas consent in making the constitution of India, we will find the solution which will bring us permanent solution for all the Nagas in our satisfaction but not in under Indian constitution as Indian politician are thinking. Nagas will respect India as our neighbors always but we will do anything to protect our birth Right, Historical Truth, Political Right and Sovereignty. However the Indian denied all this Right of Nagas in Nagalim, discriminated Nagas citizen in all the part of Indian and Indian don’t want to declare Nagas sovereignty to the world but try their best to forces Nagas to become a part of India which is the Indian greatest mistake.




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