Mr. Kiren Rijiju, really know the history of Naga or he is just driven by power?

Kiren Rijiju was born on 19 November 1971 in Nafra in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh in India.

Political career: He served as a Member of Khadi and Village Industries Commission from 2000 to 2005. In the 2004 general election, he was elected as a member of the 14th Lok Sabha with the help of his father, representing the constituency of Arunachal Western to the Indian Parliament, which is the fourth largest Parliamentary constituency in India and has held the post of National secretary of the BJP.

15th Lok Sabha: In the 2009 general election, Kiren Rijiju was defeated under margin of 1314 votes.16th Lok Sabha: In the 2014 general election, Kiren Rijiju was again elected as a Member of Parliament in the 16th Lok Sabha elections, representing the Arunachal West constituency. He was made Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India on 26 May 2014.

He study LLB in DU where he could not prove himself as a bright student and now coming to parliament as a hero, I feel ashamed for he represent the face of North-East in his govt. He play a gradual role for deleting the Arunachal Nagas from the ST list in Arunachal parliament and also trying to declare that there is no Nagas in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. He is a young power hunger politician who need to learn a better lessons from Nagas where his teacher did not taught him in the class and not even in their Temple.  He did not study the Naga history nor aware the political crisis of the Nagas but he is a young politician in west Arunachal Pradesh who is blindly against the Historical fact of Nagas and vehemently opposed the claiming our part of land in Arunachal Pradesh. He don’t really know how the North-East state boundary is demarcated from Assam. Thereby, he is very lucky for GOI to manipulate the people of North-East as an agent, by opposing the ongoing Into-Naga peace talk in Prime Minister Level, but trying to solve under constitution of India in state level, which it is totally unacceptable, and all the young educated Nagas will not respect such kind of solution even if they did. He don’t have any right to deny the Right of Nagas by following the political rules of the party, in return it will ruined his political career which he can’t foresee at all. He don’t have a vision at all and how he can be a leader? I really doubt, whether he came to power by using money power or through his family’s name trends, which was totally doubtful to me and for all the educated men in his state. Last year I was in Itanagar, where the dominant NESHI tribe’s friends are not appreciate his political career. However, I really want to laugh a lot like a school boy to know his immature in politics and his campaign in Manipur’s Thoubal district for BJP candidate Maibam Dhanabir. Rijiju was campaigning for the October 17 bye-election to the Hiyanglam assembly seat in the district. He was persuading the people of Manipuri in ‘Manipur integrity’ and opposed to ‘Naga peace talk’ which is logically not valid at all in that election. He was using as an agent by GOI but he failed the trust for the first time of his govt and now, he know that Manipur is not like Arunachal, where he can’t success their families’s win-win policy in every election. Which clearly, shows that he is immature, unexperienced in politic, and who ignore the Historical Right of Nagas for the sake of hunger for power. His policy might be medicine for Meitei but poison for Nagas.

I want to suggest him to speak what is Right & truth but speaking to gain power is not appreciated, which will lead to bleed innocent’s blood. Love your wife and learn from your mistake, because you have long way to go.


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