Letter to R N Ravi Nagas Interrogator,

Dear R N Ravi, we the nagas are peace loving people and we will never compromise our birth right, which you know that; today we are in the condition you can speak for our rights and we are very much positive toward our future. I read your articles on THE HINDU some months back, that clearly shows your interests on our political solution which made me to study who you are and why/how you write in such a manipulating rhetoric styles, and supporting your argument by some fact which is not valid at all.

Ravi you are educated man and you have an experience to find out the truth, which is your challenge that is assign for you as an interrogator. I know that you need to go deeper to understand the Historical fact of the Nagas, for I know all your condition, starting from when & where you were born? Where did you study and what type of food you eat, and how long you have work for Indian state? I respect your expensive experiences and I completely understand your position by knowing what is your strength and weakness. However, you think yourself as superman/politician which you cannot accomplish in regarding to Nagas political solution because you are an old man and you don’t deserves to become one of them anymore but you are just a retired bureaucrat. If you are a good bureaucrat, you have a chance to suggest to the center government to re-view the North-East state boundaries based on Indian constitution and work on it, but by ignoring all the Nagas intellects comes scholars who are far more better than you in many field and trying to ignore the birth right of all the Naga people is totally not justifiable. Ravi, I know that you don’t believe in Naga’s sovereignty in the present political scenario under the process of Indo-Naga peace talk but it is not important for me whether you believe in our sovereignty or not, because I found the fact that Nagas sovereignty lies in Naga people while you are just an agents of India and you have to obey the policy that has given you, and as I know your limited knowledge and power, I will urge you to do your best for the betterment of both the parties.

I will suggest you to negotiate in your position which is laid down to you by government of India; no-more les nor more but exactly the same, for you were not given a power to negotiate sovereignty for Nagas. Nagas will never ever compromised our sovereignty because it belong to the Naga people, it is not given by India nor by United State of America, and I am sure that you will pass this massage to the Government of India and her citizen. In the meantime, enjoy your position to prolonging the solution of the Nagas by trying to complete your term anyhow without completes solution. Thereby, I will look forward to see your mission in our complex situation and I want to know whether you do your job rightly or not but I too belief in you that you won’t bleed your grandchildren by your small mistake.


Kharingyo Shimrah


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