I have a clear vision for Naga people.

Naga have every right to enjoy their freedom of right;

  1. right to life,
  2. right to live freely in their birth place,
  3. right to travel all part of Nagalim
  4. right to speak and freedom of expression
  5. right to protect their historical and political right
  6. Nagas has right to claim their sovereignty
  7. Freedom of Naga is a matter of time.
  8. We can used human capital as a main sources for major solution

Naga and India is different in many way;

  1. Races is different
  2. Culture and custom is different
  3. Language is different
  4. Religion is different
  5. History is different
  6. Ideology is different
  7. Life style and food habit is different
  8. Form of government is different.

Form of government will be:

  1. President will be the head of the government.
  2. There will be two house of parliament
  3. One political system
  4. Leader will be elected by the people through free & fair election but not by seniority
  5. Political leaders should be qualified for the post by through various test.
  6. Person who gain majority vote for last test, debates will be the member to run the government
  7. One men one vote & everyone can participate in politic
  8. Reformation of the government will examine every four year
  9. Equal right for all
  10. Tribe representation in the congress upper house
  11. Division of power between Executive, legislative and judiciary & Check of the power
  12. Judicial review and judicial will guardian of constitution
  13. Peoples is the ruler of the state
  14. Strong Centre government to avoid external – internal disturbances
  15. Serve the nation is to serve God based on the law of the land
  16. Fundamental right of the citizens cannot take away by the state during emergency
  17. Nagaland for Christ

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