Naga Historical Right (ideas will bring a solution)

True fact Naga history: Govt of India has recognized unique history of the Nagas and Political Right of the Nagas on July 11 2001. In 11 september 1951 NNC conducted free and fair plebiscite under A.z. Phizo leadership and the guardian of Indian govt, where 99.9 Nagas voted for a ‘Free Sovereign Naga Nation’.[5] Govt betrayed to NNC. So, there was a boycott of first general election of 1952 which later, extended to boycott all government expansion in Nagalim. Then GOI deploy thousands of military forces to colonize the Nagalim and imposed (Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) -1958) was enforced in our motherland, for 56 years have passed since the draconian law. Equip with this power, there has been so much torture by blue bird operation, killing,rape and suffering rendered upon our people till today. The bilateral agreement of the Government of India and the NSCN on cease-fire made on June 14, 2001, in Bangkok but Indian betray it again.[6] Can we belief to Indian Govt? Shall we live again with this until we all die? No! We should fight for our right based on law of the land and international laws. Come on, we are a rational being. we need to step up and move forward with unity.  One Govt. one taxation is a good policy. True fact; GOI and Nagas have Prime Minister Level peace talk which shows that Naga is different from India because there cannot be two PM in one country. And A.Z. Phizo is the father of a nation for Nagas, whose tomb is standing in high proudly in the heart of Kohima which is clearly recognized by GOI long time back, which shows that Naga is different nation because there couldn’t be two father of a nation in a country. Naga freedom is a matter of time.. Kuknalim!


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